THE OVERALL GAME has offered what he considers sagely advice to Nicki Minaj’s feuding ex-boyfriends Safaree Samuels and Meek Mill after a video emerged allegedly showing Mill’s staff ambushing and attacking Samuels. The Game suggested that the two men could solve their intensifying dissimilarities by heading one-on-one. However, The Game made it clear that although he would wish to see Samuels and Mill slug it away one-on-one, he was not getting mixed up in long-running feud between the two rappers.

The Game suggested a one-on-one attack between Safaree Samuels and Meek Mill when TMZ swept up with him as he was giving BET’s Celebrity Basketball Game on Saturday. TMZ asked him what he thought about the recent incident when Safaree received jumped, allegedly by Meek Mill’s staff.

The Game, a popular and outspoken West Shoreline emcee who has already established his own run-ins with Mill, advised that a reasonable way to solve the feud between your two Minaj ex-boyfriends was via an arranged one-on-one fight. He advised that rather than Meek Mill’s staff ambushing Safaree and attacking him without warning in a general public place, a more adult and gentlemanly strategy would be if the two faced one another alone in a one-on-one competition.

“Why not hook up and fight one-on-one? You know very well what I’m declaring? It’s only fair.”
TMZ asked The Game where he thought the combat should happen. If the two meet in the roadways or in a proper boxing ring?

The Game suggested “in the streets” or any other place the contenders choose.

“In the avenues or such as a superstar boxing thing?

“However they want to do it, man. Let’s take action.

The Game’s sagely advice to the feuding rappers comes after TMZ submitted a video demonstrating a group of men, allegedly Meek Mill’s staff, attacking Safaree Samuels after ambushing him at a Guess party on Friday.

Both men went to DJ Khaled’s pre-BET party at Penthouse in West Hollywood. Safaree possessed arrived a few occasions before Meek, so that Meek was getting out of his SUV, a group of men surfaced and pounced on Safaree.

Photo publicized for THE OVERALL GAME Thinks Meek Mill and Safaree Should Struggle, But He’s Staying From it
Footage of the event uploaded online shows Safaree getting jumped by several folks while Meek viewed on.

Safaree later submitted a video tutorial accusing Meek of instigating the episode. Safaree vowed a violent showdown with Meek.

“Saw Meek, he hopped out [of his car], i quickly just acquired snuffed. N****s jumped me.”

However, some lovers recommended that Safaree should consider The Game’s advice, and Samuels’ comments recommended he was available to the idea.

“Meek, you will be the biggest p***y upon this world,” he said. “You noticed me, you ain’t do s**t, you had your n****s leap me. One-on-one you can’t f**k with me at night, so that’s why you had to do that.

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