‘Outlander’ instance 3.3 video tutorial recap: In ‘Of Lost Things,’ Jamie and Claire remain worlds aside [WATCH] BY SAEED NASIR

“Outlander” buff Rob Licuria is signed up with by Amanda Spears to dish the highs and lows of “Of Lost Things,” the third episode of season three, compiled by Toni Graphia and aimed by Brendan Maher. This year is based on “Voyager,” Diana Gabaldon’s third book in the group of books. Claire (Caitriona Balfe) remains in 1960s Scotland, elevating her girl Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and attempting to track Jamie’s whereabouts in history. Back in 18th century Scotland, Jamie (Sam Heughan) will serve as groomsman at the aristocratic property of Helwater, and it is reluctantly pulled into the intrigue of the noble United kingdom family.

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For followers of the show, one of the very most exciting trends was the astonishing go back of Murtagh, the loved Highlander played out by Duncan Lacroix. In the reserve, Murtagh is wiped out off, so discovering the character still alive in the aftermath of the bloody Battle of Culloden could keep enthusiasts of the show speculating about where he might finish up as the growing season progresses. “MANY PEOPLE REALLY LIKE Murtagh!” Licuria declares enthusiastically.

“There’s grounds why we love Murtagh much,” Licuria clarifies. “He has always been the tone of reason, he says it how it is, he’s extremely Scottish. For many of the more aged male Scottish characters, I found them to be a little interchangeable in person. But I never thought this way about Murtagh, and that’s because of Duncan Lacroix. He’s a very good actor and does not get enough credit.” “He will a whole lot with a smaller supporting role, and he is so critical to the storyplot,” Spears agrees. “People neglect that he’s the one that saved Claire from Dark colored Jack port in the pilot.”

The other big development of the event was the death of Frank (Tobias Menzies), Claire’s partner in the 1960s timeline. Lovers of the catalogs knew this is arriving, but those folks that are observing the series with no read the books are now wondering if this is the last time we will have Menzies in the show. “Saying goodbye to Frank, i’ll just tell, they achieved it in a very undramatic way. Someone just strolls in and says, ‘sorry but Frank died…’,” Licuria opines. Spears disagrees, noting that she was quite happy with the character’s send-off. “For me personally it did work. I didn’t need to see him [pass away]. For Frank, it was a good stopping.”

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