Noor Bukhari 5th Marriage Gets Social Media On Edge BY SAEED NASIR

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Lollywood’s Fashion model and beautiful celebrity Noor Bukhari has been a target of the great deal of controversies. Due to the fact she has gone through divorces more than some other Pakistani actress has. The actress has just as before been surrounded with the rumours of the fifth marriage.


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We all remember that amazing day when the starlet got married for the first time in Apr 2008. She committed Vikram while these were in Dubai and everyone considered it a blissful marriage at first. However, rumors experienced it that she submitted a divorce just after a few months of relationship when she recognized that he had lied about his alteration to Islam. Irrespective of her efforts to possess him convert, they finally segregated.

Then the starlet decided to marry another time in 2010 with a film manufacturer/director Farooq Mengal.

Noor Bukhari 5th Marriage Gets Social Media On Edge

Unfortunately, the second merriage was also not blessed on her behalf as there were reported occurrence of physical maltreatment on the actress and the couple received divorced just four months after.

Third time is a lucky charm, they state. Noor Bukhari made another effort to give herself a happy relationship life when she attached the word with Awn Chaudhry in 2012.

Obviously that definitely the actress is not very blessed with men in her life because regretfully, the couple separated their ways scheduled to anonymous reasons.

Noor Bukhari 5th Marriage Gets Social Media On Edge

But like how everyone dreams of a happy ending with the love of these life, Noor bukhari again offered it a go. In 2015, she secretly tied the knot with Wali Hamid Khan in June 2015.

After her divorce with the singer, she embraced the hijab and worked towards her spirituality more.



However, now the rumours of her 5th marriage have been on offer and the advertising can’t appear to leave the starlet exclusively for thinking about another marriage. On the other hand, do we really need to peer into the lives of others?

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