New Pass up America to Be Crowned Sunday Nights in Atlantic City BY SAEED NASIR

Miss Louisiana 2017 Laryssa Bonacquisti show the group her shoe during a parade on the Atlantic City, N.J., Boardwalk Sunday, Sept 9, 2017. (Edward Lea/The Press of Atlantic City via AP) The Associated Press
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — The next Miss America will be crowned, as a dangerous hurricane slams into Florida and not long after a different one inundated Texas.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have been a backdrop to the Pass up America primary competition this week, with contestants from storm-tossed or threatened areas sending communications of support and assurances of prayers to those in harm’s way.

Contestants from Tx and Florida have each won an initial competition leading into Sunday’s nationally televised finale.

Miss Tx Margana Wood provided a shout-out to her flooded hometown, Houston; she received Thursday night’s swimsuit primary.

Miss Florida Sara Zeng earned Friday’s swimsuit prelim, and promised she’ll participate the post-Irma cleanup and restoration effort, whether as Miss America or not.

It’s an available question how many people in pageant-obsessed places will even be able to watch the finale on Television, with thousands displaced in Texas and close by, and a massive evacuation having been purchased for Florida; electricity outages already got begun by Saturday night.

The 97th Pass up America competition will need place at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall, where it originated in an effort to extend summer tourism to the weekend after Labor Day.

The 51 contestants — one from each express plus the District of Columbia — will be vying to succeed the outgoing Pass up America Savvy Shields, who received the title previous September as Miss Arkansas.

Neglect Louisiana Laryssa Bonacquisti was off to a good start heading into the home stretch: She received swimsuit and talent preliminaries on successive times Thursday and Fri.

There’s one big change to this year’s finale. Contestants nearing the final line will face another round of onstage questioning as judges thin the field. Sam Haskell, exec chairman and CEO of the Neglect America Group, said the next circular of onstage interviews was created to bring out more about the contestants.

The finale will be broadcast go on ABC starting at 9 p.m. EDT.

Before that, in a service that TV visitors will not see, 12 Yellow metal Star moms will be honored onstage as honorary Miss Americas for life, and will speak about their sons who were killed while providing in the military

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