New on Netflix: The Walking Deceased season 7 now streaming BY SAEED NASIR

It’s public. Season 7 with the Walking Dead is now streaming on Netflix.

The most recent season on the Walking Deceased has finally managed to get to Netflix, as the favorite AMC show was put into the streaming service on Fri, Sept. 8. Get ready for an intense, zombie-filled ride when you choose to click “play,” as Season 7 from the Walking Dead was widely spoken – even from those who weren’t supporters of the show.

The explosive beginning tv show transcended traditional supporters of the show to be one of the very most talked about occasions of the year. While The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on tv, the rankings were down this season compared to season 6. Actually, the season 7 finale fallen a whopping 20 percent in viewers compared to the season 6 finale and a discouraging 14 percent in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic.

Could this mean that fans are needs to get tired of The Walking Dead? Possibly. Shows usually commence to get a little stale after four or five seasons, and, thankfully, TWD offered us an exceptionally interesting sixth.

However, there have been three other “big events” that aired the same night as the season 7 finale and something tells me that the low scores were a culmination of multiple things and not enthusiasts finally growing tired of TWD.

This show has a massive group of fans, and we can expect several more months of the popular show – even if ratings continue to drop. The glad tidings are that now you can stream most of season 7 on Netflix before season 8 premieres on Oct. 22.
The prior six periods are also available, and therefore, theoretically, you’ve still got a couple of months to marathon all seven available conditions of this Walking Deceased on Netflix just in time for the premiere of season 8.

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