Natural Makeup Vs Manufactured Makeup


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Every girl wished to look good and beautiful among all the girls, plus they try their best to improve their beauty by using makeup. A modern woman spends a lot of money on cosmetic in her life and countless hours applying and eliminating it.

Makeup is something a women of every age group want to do either they are college heading, working women or a residence wife. They do makeup according with their position, such as university going girls want to do natural makeup, working woman’s want to look more elegant and self-assured so they apply make-up to boost their self-esteem. Makeup is something which is essential for each women they feel themselves incomplete without it, they feel they look more more youthful by applying it. But everyone have different type of skin plus they apply or choose cosmetic corresponding to it.

Basically there exists two type of makeup natural and unnatural. So there’s always a great question between whether natural splendor is better or artificial beauty. In manufactured make-up customer use lots of cosmetic that will improve their exterior look. This includes heavy tan foundations, extensions and other cosmetic products. On the other hand natural makeup opt to the natural and natural cosmetic products which is clean and without any chemical like chemical use in makeup products. It’s totally depend on the customer whatever look they like for their cosmetic program, some like heavy cosmetic and some love natural look. So let’s take a look on both factors whatever one is better or more ideal for skin.

Natural Makeup:

Less is more, definitely, you do not want to overdo it”. Makeup always seen as a mean of bringing in others. Women love to wear cosmetic to look more quite. But it’s totally their choice either they would like to use heavy makeup products or stay simple. When we speak about natural makeup this means a makeup with more benefits, a natural and organic makeup. Because natural makeup don’t contain any chemical substance which will harm your skin. The more you stay natural the greater you feel positive. Natural look gives you the positive to love your own complexion. It will increase your self-esteem.

As compare to man-made cosmetic when you apply natural basic products it will give you long lasting results without any harm. Your skin will glow more day by day. Because natural basic products have poor and regular process, you might show the effect later but you get long lasting results. You keep your skin layer blemishing and healthy by not using cosmetic. Though natural basic products is cheaper than unnatural products however the effect is totally same.

Artificial Make-up:

In modern times every women wishes to look best and with the variety of makeup products available in the market, make it more technical for them to choose the best one. Every woman see some imperfections in them and to cover those defects they apply an amount of cosmetic on daily bases by applying this they think they look much better and walk confidently in world. But more products include more harm. As artificial makeup has amount of chemical which is obviously bad for the skin. Plus the daily use of makeup will lead your skin towards damage. You may aware of the normal saying that says artificial makeup examined on dog before they earn the seal of approved.

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So you can certainly guess that how safe these products are for your own. And they expire after a certain time period however the expiry night out sometime is not properly discuss on the carton, so that it become problematic for the costumer to know the exact night out they ought to stop using the product. However, many time it become necessary to apply cosmetic for particular incidents, as artificial cosmetic has more power to improve your features artificially and gives you a defining look as compare to natural make-up as it not totally protects all your skin flaws. But manufactured cosmetic has just non permanent results as compare to natural cosmetic. Do apply but use the right products which have less harm results.

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