Munna Michael movie review: This Tiger Shroff film makes even Nawazuddin Siddiqui look bad BY SAEED NASIR

Everybody, including Tiger Shroff and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, has gone out of sync in this film. Here’s our movie review. Rating: 1/5.
Tiger Shroff performs a MJ supporter while Nawazuddin performs a gangster in Munna Michael.
Munna Michael
Cast: Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Nidhhi Agerwal
Director: Sabbir Khan
Score: 1/5

Bear in mind Lena hai, lena hai? A hit track of the 90s from a film entitled Bomb Blast. That was the last time we observed Ronit Roy dancing. Here’s the video tutorial to remind you of how it seemed.

He shakes a calf again in Munna Michael after almost three generations, and that makes for a appealing opening. His character thinks Michael (Jackson, of course) lives forever, but getting trashed of his dancing troupe, wavers his trust in dance as an occupation. So, he can take to drinking. This is what disillusioned painters do in Bollywood. But that’s not all. Then sees an orphan in a dustbin and brings him home. Because this is also what Bollywood does indeed.

Like typical Bollywood kids, that one too grows up to be Munna (Tiger Shroff), a super dancer, in a single track. His antics and need for money can take him to Delhi where he commences teaching party steps to Mahinder Fauji (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a land shark and a wardrobe dancer. Their fine-tuned romance goes for a toss as soon as Dolly (Nidhhi Agerwal) enters the shape. Oh, we never noticed that coming!

Just joking.
Now, it’s finally a film where everybody would look disinterested and join an opportunity to break into a music. Why? Because this is what Bollywood does.

Some assistant must have reminded Sabbir Khan that the existing season is 2017 and the film is looking like the glossier version of the ’80s films. So, he earns the idea of boogie face-off and a reality show. How would you fit in Tiger Shroff often? How innovative!

Taking a cue from MJ’s signature moonwalking to picking a dialogue from Wong Kar-wai’s Chunking Express, Sabbir Khan will keep endeavoring to infuse Munna with traits that can affect a balance between Delhi and Mumbai. It’s rather simple math. Platform the film in two biggest territories because that is what Bollywood does.
He isn’t done yet, but Tiger Shroff can’t keep the pressure nowadays, so Sabbir Khan shifts his target to Nawazuddin, one of the best possible of our times, and makes him do one of the most bizarre functions of his life-time.

Hamming his way to Hotel Bluestar, a property he possesses in Delhi, Siddiqui probably is aware how it will look in the long run. Still he attempts to not appear completely clueless. His attempts go in vein though. It’s miserable to see him sleepwalking in Munna Michael after having a top-class performance in Mommy.

Khan’s vision of making Nawazudin Siddiqui acrobats doesn’t help either. You may easily figure out the body doubles. Even though you don’t, history dancers be sure to do. Their close ups are so over the top that you’ll wander if they all decided jointly to try a certain way?

Chatting of close ups, the prize for most thrilling close up goes to Farah Khan who judges possible show in Munna Michael. Her passion knows no boundary and whenever Tiger Shroff does a summersault, you await Farah’s ‘oh my god’ effect.

All this is happening because Dolly desires to make her father pleased by becoming an attained dancer. By the way, we never meet her daddy. She announces her introduction with these lines:

Hil jaande sab mere naal, jab main tremble karaan
From UK to Nainital, sab shake karaan.

It may appear to be a conspiracy theory, but her stunning similarity with Kriti Sanon may have prompted Sabbir Khan to cast her. Sanon was the heroine of Khan’s early film Heropanti.

Her debut isn’t impressive, but you can’t signal her out. Everyone, with special reference to Pankaj Tripathi, is equally out of touch in Munna Michael.

MJ should live forever, MJ should live forever, but this is not the right tribute to the moonwalking Ruler Of Pop. This forgettable 138-minute film can be better described as this one-liner somebody whispered in the dark right before the finish credits: Ye sab alag hi zone me hain (They’re in an alternative zone).

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