The Mooch ouster clinches it: Trump’s White House is more ‘Game of Thrones’ than ‘Game of Throne BY SAEED NASIR

Over on the planet 2, that mythical place where Hillary Clinton’s popular vote victory was enough to propel her to the White House, I like to think alternate world me is having an excellent old time enjoying and theorizing about season 7 of Game of Thrones.

After all, in that parallel simple fact, politics likely has nothing to provide save a GOP Congress at loggerheads with a Leader Clinton on every damn issue. I spent the majority of the 1990s watching that show and have no prefer to view it again. Bring about the large dragons

But within this world, alas, I find my Thrones fandom maintains going for a backseat to the unprecedented sh*tshow presently on screen in Washington, D.C. Try as it can to monopolize our attention, the best show on HBO just can’t keep up with reality.

For example: On Weekend evening Tyrion Lannister sent Daenerys Targaryen’s Unsullied army to attack Casterly Rock, confirming a fan theory that he’d take the Lannister seat of power via its sewers. But in a tactical masterstroke, Jaime Lannister had withdrawn his makes and attacked Highgarden instead — where House Tyrell’s Queen of Thorns drank poison and informed Jaime she was in charge of the fatality of his son.

That was a good storyline twist, easily the best the show has offered up to now this season. But it offers nothing at all on the supremely twisted tale of Anthony Scaramucci.

After a self-aggrandizing interview in which he accused Steve Bannon of fellating himself, this unusual Wall Avenue walk-on character received the White House Main of Personnel fired — only to be divorced by his wife on Friday and fired by the new supervisor on Monday.

When news of the Mooch’s firing 10 days and nights into his new job strike Twitter, suddenly no one was discussing the Highgarden maneuver any more.

This backstabbing to end all backstabbings appeared almost determined to appeal to Thrones enthusiasts. Better yet, corresponding to 1 reporter, new Key of Staff John Kelly drove the knife in specifically because he wished the White House to be less Game of Thrones-esque:

For fans of political theater, whether in Washington or Westeros, it just doesn’t progress than this.

In one week of display screen time, Queen Daenerys got three meetings. Do not get me wrong, these were great meetings, most of them! Highly predicted! Well-scripted, well acted by all! However the current supervision laughs at that kind of low-level play.

Even leaving away the Scaramucci sub-plot, here’s what the Trump admin offered us within a week: a key diplomat missing in action. An increasingly unhinged innovator threatening his own Law firm General while telling thousands of Youngster Scouts about an orgy on the yacht before encouraging cops to be more abusive. All of which was after his son-in-law’s press meeting about the Russian collusion exploration that has consumed the White House.

And everything that paled next to what took place in the Senate, where a dying old warhorse served chilly revenge on the president, getting rid of his White Walker-like healthcare legislation with the Senatorial equivalent of dragonglass.

“Watch the show,” John McCain said, and we couldn’t do not. His Senate crisis made the Red Wedding appear to be regular nuptials with a forgettable Instagram hashtag.

It is becoming commonplace to compare Trump himself to the overdue, unlamented Ruler Joffrey. George R.R. Martin had not been the first to make that comparability two months ago, nor was he the previous. It’s an obvious assessment: both are tactless and impulsive and cruel and childish.

But it addittionally sells his character short, because Trump is also this greatly inadequate, narcissistic old buffoon with daddy-daughter issues. Call him King Joffrey meets Ruler Lear — perhaps with a touch of Macbeth thrown in, if Macbeth placed stabbing himself in the back.

It really is no pity to Martin, or Game of Thrones’ showrunners, to say that their character types cannot keep pace with the full insanity of America’s current leadership. I mistrust even Shakespeare could fully encompass a character this psychologically (and psychotically) organic.

Inevitably, what we’re viewing is best proof the cliche that simple truth is stranger than fiction. You can’t write people like Trump or the Mooch; nobody would imagine it. A plot like the significantly jaw-dropping Russian collusion story would be thrown out of the Veep writers’ room, aside from that of Western Wing.

Here’s wanting the Washington episode cools off a little and doesn’t step on Thrones’ later August finale. But given that coincides with Trump’s possibility to fire Jeff Sessions and install a lawyer General who’ll end Robert Mueller’s inspection into Trump’s reference to Russia, I wouldn’t wager onto it. The wildest story twists, alas, may be yet to come.

Earth 2, you’re missing a hell of any show. Also, if you guys want to swap places, just let us know

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