Momina Mustehsan Gets Bashed For Speaking Up For Women Rights BY SAEED NASIR

Momina Mustehsan decided to shut down trolls who targeted Maria Toorpakai, more youthful sister to Ayesha Gulalai.

A recently available controversy bordering Ayesha Gulalai has engulfed the country. The harassment charges created by MNA Gulalai on PTI Chairman Imran Khan, have given go up to a destructive marketing campaign against her over interpersonal media.

After superstar, Mahira Khan stood up for Ayesha Gulalai against haters who maligned her and attacked her character. Another Pakistani super star, popular songstress Momina Mustehsan decided to turn off trolls who targeted Maria Toorpakai, young sister to Ayesha Gulalai.

Momina Took To Twitter To Extend Support To Maria i!

People started criticizing squash champ, Mario Toorpakai on her behalf dressing. She was bashed over cultural media on putting on shorts while playing squash tournaments which is area of the game’s official dress. However, rather than appreciating Momina for speaking up against the injustice she noticed, people started out to bash the Afreen star.

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