Mobster Implicated in ‘Goodfellas’ Heist Going to Prison for Highway Rage BY SAEED NASIR

After being acquitted of murder and fraud, 82-year-old Vincent Asaro was given an eight-year prison sentence for setting fire to the automobile of a driver who cut him off.



Vincent Asaro, a member of the Bonanno offense family who was acquitted on charges tied to the JFK airport terminal heist presented in Goodfellas, was sentenced to eight years in prison on Thursday night for a 2012 highway rage incident.

According to the NY Times, the 82-year-old mobster escaped punishment for a number of offences he was allegedly involved in dating back to the 1960s. In 2015, Asaro wound up in courtroom on racketeering and robbery charges for allegedly taking a direct slash from the $6 million stolen from JFK in the 1978 Lufthansa heist–the same job that encouraged Martin Scorsese’s 1990 film. He was also priced with murdering a man in 1969 who was thought to be an informant and burying your body at the home of mobster James “Jimmy the Gent” Burke, but was acquitted of both offences.


But it was a 2012 highway rage event that ultimately arrived the mobster with jail time. On Thursday, the same judge that presided over the Lufthansa heist trial sentenced Asaro to eight years in jail after he pled guilty to purchasing his underlings to set fire to an automobile that had cut him off at a traffic light in Queens.

Based on the Times, prosecutors said someone with access to a law enforcement database offered Asaro the driver’s address following the mobster provided the car’s permit plate number. The next day, prosecutors said the grandson of past Gambino crime supervisor John Gotti, John J. Gotti, and another man went to the home, poured fuel on the automobile, and placed it ablaze.

“It had been a ridiculous thing I did and I’m terribly sorry,” Asaro said Thursday night. “I was on my way home–it occurred. It just got out of hand.”

Judge Allyne Ross, who said Thursday night she remained “firmly convinced” Asaro was guilty of the 2015 charges, passed down the lengthy jail term and said the crime proved that even in his old age, Asaro acquired a “desire to handle revenge.”

At 82, Asaro might easily spend the rest of his life behind bars after spending years linked to real-life criminal offense drama that will remain immortalized on the screen.

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