Mind Up: Amanda Bynes Is Likely to Make Her Return in 2018 BY SAEED NASIR

It’s been a long time since we’ve listened to from Amanda Bynes, the celebrity whom we also didn’t listen to from for a long period until she was nearly unavoidable because of some well-publicized, definitely not sober antics that included its fair show of eye-catching wigs.
New years signify new beginnings, though, and now, Bynes is apparently looking to be back again on everyone’s thoughts once more, though this time in a more positive light. Her legal professional told Page Six that “in 2018, [Bynes] looks forward to completing fashion institution and dipping her feet back into performing. She has got several offers but is looking forward to the correct one to come along for a comeback.”

Bynes’s previous role was at 2010’s Easy A, the same year in which, at 24, she announced a hiatus from acting–even as several providers reportedly tried to revive The Amanda Show, the Nickelodeon series that commenced in 1999 and made her a celebrity at just 13. Some years later, though, after movies like She’s the Man, Bynes unfortunately ended up being associated with quite a different field: In 2012, she was billed with a DUI, which was eventually slipped but did lead to a three-year probation. Since it turned out, though, 2013 would be an even more eventful year: she was arrested for reportedly tossing a bong out the window of her 36th-floor apartment, and police also detained her for apparently starting a flame in a stranger’s driveway, leading to her hospitalization for a mental health evaluation, and finally psychiatric treatment.
Amanda Bynes Manhattan Felony Judge Appearance – July 9, 2013
Amanda Bynes makes a post-arrest appearance at the Manhattan Felony Courtroom in July 2013.

Amanda Bynes Manhattan Criminal Court Appearance - July 9, 2013


This season, things took a switch for Bynes–this time finally for the better: Her probation emerged to an end in February, and this June, she both regained control of her own money, after her parents acquired filed for conservatorship, and provided her first interview in four years, leading to her appearing on Good Morning America saying that she’s “doing great” and has been spending her time hiking, taking spinning classes, nourishing the homeless, and sensing a desire to return to TV.

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