Met Gala 2017: THE MOST EFFECTIVE And Wackiest Dressed Superstars Of THE NIGHT TIME


Priyanka Chopra in achieved gala 2017
Who do we crown our best outfitted at the gather of the entire year? And who performed we give a “you tried out” golden movie star to? Take a look at our best and wackiest outfitted list below!
From co-chair of the night time, Katy Perry, as the avant garde woman in red, to Rihanna reclaiming her crown as Met Ball queen, completely to Lily Collins paying homage to the girl of the night time with her hairpiece, the night time was filled up with fabulousness. Oh, except a large number of celebs weren’t daring enough to check out the theme of the night time (that we say, “Shame”).

YAS: Rihanna in Comme des Gar?ons

If you research ‘iconic’ in the dictionary, you will most probably find the cosmetic epidermis of Robyn Fenty, a.k.a. fashion goddess, a.k.a. Rihanna. Making the whole world pleased with her undertake the evening’s theme, the pop superstar used a dress artwork by the evening’s honoree, Comme des Garcons creator Rei Kawakubo. From gown’s petals of towel to the red gladiator pumps and topped off with glistening red eyeshadow and a high-rise top knot (a beauty look motivated by Kawakubo’s springtime 1997 runway show, the Hollywood Reporter records) Bad Gal Riri proven, once more, that she is the belle of the Met Gala ball.

HUH: Madonna in Moschino

Although she happens to be ready for the battlefield that is the Met Gala red carpet, Madonna looks out of place in this army print Moschino bridal dress with matching leather gloves. For real, are those backpack straps we see? Does she really drink out of army water container on the carpet? Yes and yes. We don’t believe camo has much regarding the styling of Rei Kawakubo. Which means this look is a no for all of us. However, we do love the blond locks. And for that folks say, solider on, Madge.

YAS: Kim Kardashian in Vivienne Westwood

Kim K. just nowadays informed Ellen that she didn’t know if she could “ever wear real earrings again,” and it seems like she’s sticking with her appearance with her nominal Met Gala look. Trading in her regular over-the-top glitz for an easy, strapless wedding dress by Vivienne Westwood, we’re digging Kim’s new fashion section. She even keeps her beauty look underrated with modern mane, a highlighted eyes and a tropical tan.

ROUND THE FENCE: Jennifer Lopez in Valentino

Sure, JLo shows up stunning, almost angelic, in this loose, stylish caftan sky blue attire by Valentino. Which long, high ponytail just demands our breathing away. But performed Jenny follow the avant-garde theme of the nighttime? No. For your, she’s on our fence.

YAS: Gigi Hadid in Tommy Hilfiger

Making us add fishnet stockings to your summer season must-have fashion list, Gigi needed the 2017 Met Gala by surprise. We signify, look at that fierceness! With nude tulle dragging behind her, the supermodel made her sketch on the night time with a asymmetrical, one-shoulder Tommy Hilfiger dress. However the real legend of Gigi’s ensemble? That knee pop. Oh, as well as perhaps that long, solitary side bang.

HUH: Kendall Jenner in La Perla

Ah, Kendall Jenner. Another celeb and additionally require not received the memo on the night’s theme. Although her lingerie-inspired frock works with her wonderfully and we applaud her daringness to wear a shoulder to pelvic bone cut-out, we cannot get on table with the look. We signify, where’s the avant garde in this? We will however raise our a wine glass to her perfect red lip. Because it’s good. Cheers, Kenny.

YAS: Selena Gomez in

So the sensitive inexperienced silk chiffon slide dress which consists of delicate ribbons and embroider details by Instructor may be slightly too tame for the night time, however the bareness with this magenta eyeshadow was the real hot point of the outfit. Plus, we’re providing Selena Gomez some extra point for the oh-so-chic frontal slit.

YAS: Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren


That’s detective Priyanka Chopra to you! Few people could rock and roll an large trench on the red carpet, but dang, Priyanka can. Forcing up her sleeve, disclosing a little leg and popping that back of the t-shirt, the “Quantico” story was all business on the red carpet. To fill up the strong and powerful outfit, the super star added a fierce brownish lip and sky-high top knot to her beauty look.

YAS: Katy Perry in Maison Margiela “Artisanal”

Katy Perry sure dished up up a wacky look, but young man, was it a good one. It had been daring and used the theme as well as for that, we’re presenting Katy our best-dressed blessing. Moving her fashion restrictions to the brim, the Met Gala’s co-chair do Anna Wintour pleased with her Maison Margiela “Artisanal” including layers and levels of red tulle and chiffon. But it’s the veil matched with that headpiece which acquired fashion addicts yelling “YASSSS!” into the abyss

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