Mehwish Hayat Collection to Superstar as Benazir Bhutto in Upcoming Biopic? BY SAEED NASIR

There has been conversation of Mehwish starring in a biopic that people all have been anxiously awaiting. Everything started with a safe Instagram post by somethinghaute.

Mehwish Hayat is a name that has been synonymous with big blockbusters like Punjab Nahi Jaungi which became the best grossing Pakistani movie, with a pack office of whopping Rs 50 crore. There has been have a discussion of Mehwish starring in a biopic that we all have been anxiously awaiting. It all started out with a safe Instagram post by @somethinghauteofficial.

And Mehwish Hayat took to Instagram to talk about a screenshot of an article, where the article writer suggested Hayat as a possible actress to experiment with the late PPP head and former excellent minister, Benazir Bhutto.

And as expected, news of an potential Bhutto biopic went viral on social media! People were really excited to see Mehwish play the great leader:

The starlet distributed a picture where she composed,”Benazir is a true hero of mine, a real powerful girl and a motivation for many a huge number throughout the world. Would be a privilege and honour to experiment with her on display and bring her wonderful trip, her inspirational tale to the planet!” Although we see a slight resemblance between BB and Mehwish Hayat, there’s been however no verification that such a task is in the making and we all might have to hold out to see this become a reality!

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