Mark Hamill is begging supporters never to read a Marvel Superstar Wars comic from 1981 out of fear of major spoilers being unveiled. BY SAEED NASIR

Make Hamill Warns of Major Spoilers in Vintage Last Jedi Comic

Did a Legend Wars fan unwittingly unlock the secrets to this December’s THE PAST Jedi? Probably not. But that hasn’t stopped star Tag Hamill from begging admirers never to read a vintage Marvel comic reserve that debuted on newsstands over thirty years back. The question, though, is he joking?

Mark Hamill is well known for using his communal media outlets to taunt, tease and troll various different friends, foes and followers over the past few years. And he’s known for tugging some wild jokes. But he lately posted a message on his Hamill Himself Twitter, and he does it was such a right face, many believe that he might be hinting at some real truth. He says this.

“I’m begging you! On your own good, do not read this spoiler-laden comic reserve before Friday, December 15th, 2017. You’ll say thanks to me later #Wait4VIII”
The comic e book involved is area of the initial Marvel Celebrity Wars comic run that first debut in the past due 70s in conjunction with the release of the initial trilogy. The stories pick up after A FRESH Hope and would often flashback to the earlier days while also demonstrating what took place in the difference between your original 1977 release and The Empire Strikes Back. Since it stands now, these comics are not considered area of the Star Wars cinematic canon.

The issue Make Hamill is referring to is #49. It hit retailers on Apr 21, 1981. Plus the story is entitled ‘The Previous Jedi’. The comic is infamous for producing the first brain destroyed Jedi to the position Superstar Wars lore at that time. The story uses Luke, Leia along with droids R2-D2 and C-3PO as they tripped to a jungle planet, answering a stress call delivered by Prince Denid of Velmor. Denid and his lover Loren, along with their good friend Jedidiah (seriously) crashed on the planet years ago. The crash stated Loren’s life. Now, Denid must go back to his homeland of Velmor or his brother will take control of the earth. This is very bad, because the guy’s sibling can be an Imperial sympathizer.

Jedidiah is the mind broken Jedi, but obviously he never finished his training. Luke disguises himself as a bounty hunter while Leia plays the role of deceased enthusiast Loren, and the two accompany Denid back again to Velmor just in time to stop Denid’s sibling Anod from being coronated as king. This triggers a whole lot of problems for any involved.

A ceremony is performed to commemorate the return of Denid as king. But other causes determine he should be wiped out, to keep carefully the entire world aligned with the Empire. In the challenge that ensues, both Denid and Leia are wounded by the angry Anod. Anod is eventually killed as others make an effort to secure the throne in the name of the Emperor. Luke is compelled into a lightsaber combat, and in the long run, poor brain harmed Jedidiah sacrifices himself to keep Luke from being record.

Soon, everyone wanting to keep Velmor in the grip of the Empire is killed or vanquished. Denid is freed and able to rule the land. Subsequently, he pledges his allegiance to the Rebel Alliance, thanking Luke and Leia because of their help. In the end, Luke, Leia and the droids leave Denid to rule over Velmor. On the trip home, Luke needs Jedidiah’s body with him, supplying the fallen hero a proper Jedi space burial.

What spoilers are contained within that pertain to The Previous Jedi? Perhaps Luke has endured a major mind accident in the sequel, and has been remaining traumatized? That noises plausible, considering his dark crazed demeanor on Ahch-To. Or maybe he’ll sacrifice himself, and get a proper Jedi burial in space. Maybe Admiral Holdo is participating in the Denid personality, and Leia is race to get her back in charge of her people?

Or, perhaps it’s none of the above and Make Hamill is merely possessing a grand old time trolling his enthusiasts and followers on social press. As THE VERY LAST Jedi comic from 1981 has often been scoffed at by fans, we can’t imagine that Lucasfilm okayed director Rian Johnson to move any tale elements from it. Here’s a look at Mark Hamill’s twitter.

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