Why is Makeup Bad for You? BY SAEED NASIR

There are various mistakes the girls do in applying their foundation and makeup products. I would not say that make-up is as such harmful to skin but if it is not removed timely then it could be harmful. Let’s see how

Why is Makeup Bad for YouMakeup causes Wrinkles:
The women who are fond of night parties must be considered a fan of dark color makeup. Am I right? But perhaps you have ever tried to think about how much it can damage your skin layer if you have returned from the night time function and have not removed it prior to going to bed? No? Then let me tell you that makeup can create problems of wrinkles if you don’t remove it prior to going to bed.

Why is Makeup Harmful to You

Makeup may damage Skin Texture:
Excessive use of makeup can damage your skin texture. It could create various skins problems and can also make your skin layer dark. Would you like to believe that trouble? I am certain not. So here i want to suggest you that as a lady, although you may want to use makeup, still you ought not utilize it excessively. Daily utilization of make-up products is not at all good. It can cause you to feel trouble. Heavy mascara or dark lipsticks can harm the skin texture. Here I don’t want to say that you should avoid these things permanently. Instead you should try to not excessively use these make-up products. With them often is a perfect choice.

Why is Makeup Bad for You

Low Quality Makeup:

Are you a lady who wants to save some pennies on make-up items? If so, then don’t do this. Saving money is an excellent thing, but make-up products which are of cheap quality can not be great for you at all. Instead they might result in a lot of problems. Don’t let yourself grasped into those problems and only purchase high quality makeup products.

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