Lovers Think Justin Bieber’s Mother Doesn’t Approve of His Engagement to Hailey Baldwin

And some followers think they have got receipts.

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Justin Bieber admirers are speculating that his mother may not exactly be thrilled about his recent proposal to Hailey Baldwin, and the “substantiation” is apparently hidden on public media — according for some Beliebers, that is.
As several people have pointed out, Justin’s mommy, Pattie Mallette, used to truly have a brand in her Twitter bio that read “Yes, Justin Bieber is my kid.” She seemed to have erased it shortly after Justin and Hailey declared their engagement on social mass media, and admirers have definitely discovered.
“It hurts me a lot that Pattie doesn’t declare Justin any more??,” one lover published. Another tweeted: “Justin is no more in Pattie’s bio….the proceedings?”

And that’s not absolutely all. Some eagle-eyed followers also pointed out that Pattie just lately liked a tweet from ex – Bachelor Lowecontestant, Sean  apparently calling out “rushed” engagements. For being reasonable, Sean’s tweet was about The Bachelorette, so Pattie could have liked it for several reasons which may have nothing to do with her boy. Nevertheless, plenty of fans ran with it.

“She’s definitely so mad at Justin,” one person theorized. “Umm sis is everything Acceptable?” another supporter asked.


While some followers are busy losing their minds over these newly-forming ideas, others are chiming in to defend Pattie. “Pattie is a devoted Bachelor / Bachelorette watcher, confident that’s why she liked this tweet,” one supporter described. Another wrote: “Not everything she wants is [referring] to Justin so can y’all relax and stop inspecting every little thing?” Which fan clapped again at all the theatre, tweeting: “Justin and Hailey have known one another for years. There is no tone. It’s disgusting that you will be all endeavoring to force a struggle between mom and son just because you disagree with J’s engagement.”

For Pattie herself, she hasn’t said anything about the speculations either way. However, she lately took to Tweets to say: “Dishonor and disrespect is just never cool. Appear higher,” which some enthusiasts are interpreting as a reply to the rumors. “Don’t listen to them. YOU’RE AMAZING, THE VERY BEST Mommy EVER, LOVE YOU SO A LOT???,” one lover replied.
Of course, until Pattie feedback on Justin and Hailey’s engagement immediately, we won’t understand how she feels. But until then, it’s worthy of remember that sometimes a “like” doesn’t have a bigger interpretation, and people can change their Tweets bios without it indicating something major. This may be just one more illustration when people are searching for drama where crisis just doesn’t exist.

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