How To Do Locks Spa At Home In 5 SIMPLE ACTIONS

How To Do Locks Spa At Home In 5 SIMPLE ACTIONS

Hair Spa At Home
Hair spa once a month can be very beneficial to give your hair the volume and nourishment it should get.

Invest amount of time in your hair because it is the crown you never remove. Just like your skin layer, your hair also needs to top your top priority list. Taking proper care of your hair will make them look smooth and shiny all the time. Apart from shampooing and conditioning them double or thrice weekly, a scalp spa monthly can be quite beneficial to give your scalp the quantity and nourishment it deserves. Follow the steps below to get hold of a scalp spa at home:

1. Scalp Massage:

Scalp Massage

close up of woman on resort getting head spa treatment

If you need a wild hair spa at home, the first step is to start out with a head rub. Take some essential olive oil or coconut olive oil and warm it up. Massage your scalp carefully using the olive oil. This will not only improve the circulation of blood but also raise hair growth.


Steam Your Hair

Have a towel and drop it in tepid to warm water. Squeeze out the surplus water. Then cover the towel around nice hair. This enables the olive oil to enter deep into the scalp. Allow towel take a seat on your hair for approximately 5-6 minutes.

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3. Hair Cover up:

Hair Mask

A hair mask is crucial to the complete wild hair spa process. You can easily make this face mask at home. Combine 2 eggs, honey and coconut olive oil in a bowl. Put in a ripe banana to the mask as banana helps soften the scalp. Let the mask sit on your hair for approximately 20 minutes and then rinse out it off with a light shampoo.

4. Rinse Mane:

Rinse Hair

Wash your hair using a moderate shampoo. Avoid using warm water to rinse nice hair as it can cause damage to the roots. Only use lukewarm water.

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5. Condition NICE HAIR:


Once you have shampooed your hair, the next thing is to condition them. It’d be a great idea to utilize this particular of tea leaves that has a few drops of lime juice added to it as conditioner. Allow conditioner sit for 10-20 minutes before you wash it off with warm water

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