List Of Most Overrated Dramas In 2018,BY SAEED NASIR


Are you fond of enjoying Pakistani dramas all the time? Many of your chosen dramas of Pakistani entertainment world could have come to a finish. But hang on with your handy remote control! There are many more serials that are being put with the name of being overrated for you. Scroll down to check out the list of top most overrated Pakistani dramas you must watch in 2018! Let’s take a glance!


List Of Most Overrated Dramas In 2018



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Baaghi is all end now, but nonetheless it has been taken to be one of the most discussed serials on TV. This crisis was based on the Qandeel Baloch’s biopic that completely narrated the complete story of the identity till her fatality. The role persona of Qandeel Baloch was played by famous actress Saba Qamar who do the best justice with this individuals. By this serial, Saba Qamarhas went to with the massive fan pursuing increasing not merely in Pakistan as well as across the border too.


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On the second spot we have the name of Khaani theatre that is on aired on GEO Television. This serial is keeping the main solid of Feroze Khan and Sana Javed. This episode has become the primary center of fascination on the public mass media because powerful acting of Feroze Khan is impressive much. Sana Javed is behaving as the main hallmark of the ladies empowement. Feroze Khan is the murderer of Sana Javed brother and somehow Sana Javed who is playing as Khanni wins over the heart of Feroze Khan and he fell into mad love with her.

Aisi Hei Tanhai


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Aisi Hei Tanhai is another crisis on this list! This play has been elevating a social issue this is the story of each single girl of the population. The crisis has the main personas of Nadia Khan, Sami Khan, Sonia Hussain, Saba Pervaiz and many more. Young generation children should watch this serial for sure. This drama is perfect example to learn the actual fact that how a unitary mistake can bring a radical changes in each single person life who’s linked with you.

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