Launch from the Nail Club Islamabad

Ladies, get ready to pamper yourself in a whole new way as Rabia Kiran Haris brought The Nail Bar to Islamabad. A special devote Beverly Centre right next to the THE FITNESS CENTER, focusing on not only manicures and pedicures, but also specialized nail art, The Nail Club is the perfect place to go have a fun day with your girlfriends or even like a mother-daughter bonding day.

For the introduction done by Rezz PR & Incidents, The Nail Club and Rezz acquired asked designers, socialites, Bloggers and Multimedia to be a part of their style brigade. The girls roamed across the release flaunting their wonderful new toenails and motivating others to do the same.

Aside from basic nail skill and manicure-pedicures, The Nail Bar offers solutions to fungal problems and nail biting. “I decided it was period to open up an effective place and go mainstream with services.” “We give 100% assurance that after getting the treatments you can expect here, your trouble of nail biting and fungal issues will recede,” “We specialize in Acrylic Fingernails, Gel Nails, Glitter Gel Claws, Permanent France, Solitare Toenails Sculpture Claws, Infills, Nail Fine art etc “The dog owner told Media.

Whether you want to have a fun day trip with your women or get some good expert assessment on your fingernails or toenails, The Nail Pub appears to be the new one stop shop for everything nails!

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