Knife Runner 2049 final trailer exposeKnife Runner 2049 final trailer exposes more story, continues more surprises BY SAEED NASIRs more story, continues more surprises BY SAEED NASIR

The action loaded trailer that runs for two minutes and 33 moments exposes more history plot and scenery, but also maintains the movie a puzzle.

Set in a futuristic California, official K, performed by Ryan Gosling, walks by having a hazy, machine-polluted dump.

He puts a stop to in at what seems to be the house of Dave Bautista’s character – though we have no idea his name.
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“I thought you may be in a position to help me with an instance, any idea where i might have the ability to find him?” K asks him.

We presume he’s talking about Cutting tool Runner’s original – Rick Deckard.

The type asks K if he’s there to bring him in, but K responds: “I’d prefer it to the other way”.

Bautista’s personality replies by wanting to stab him then tossing him by way of a wall.

The truck then introduces a complete range of individuals and interesting story plots.

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