Kelsea Ballerini gets apology from country media site for “pitting [female] designers against one another”

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Kelsea Ballerini ‘s received an apology from a country reports site for owning a poll asking supporters to choose which girl designer they’re most getting excited about seeing at this Sunday’s ACMs.

The Twitter poll from Next Women of Country asked lovers to choose between Maren Morris, Kelly Clarkson , Kelsea and Lauren Alaina . Kelsea submitted a screenshot of the poll on her Instagram , and then composed a lengthy critical essay about it.

“This made me really bummed today,” Kelsea had written. “Since I released my first one over 4 years ago, every interview includes some type of question about the females in country music…or the existing lack thereof.” Kelsea added that in her point of view, just when it seems female artists are really making strides, “there’s something as easy and seemingly harmless as this, that models us back again.”

She then claimed such polls “make us feel like there’s only one location available. so then there’s anxiety….and this enchanting relationship that females have when we truly, actually want one another to get…it gets affected.”

Kelsea said this type of competition makes her “sad,” “insecure,” “awkward” and “assume the worst,” which, she says, “is in fact CRAZY.”

The performer concluded, “I just don’t want the new females in country music to be misrepresented…as the favorite girls in senior high school that pose for photos like [they] were bffs but secretly despise the one which dates the quarterback…This isn’t mean girls, this is country music. Where you truly CAN sit with us.”

Next Women of Country replied , “Dear @KelseaBallerini and all ladies in music: We’d no objective of [pitting] designers against the other person and absolutely want to aid women supporting one another. Your music continues to inspire us each day and we apologize for the post. This won’t happen again!”

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