Have Kelly Clarkson Diss ‘North american Idol’? Why She THOUGHT WE WOULD Judge ‘The Tone’ & Not ABC’s Reboot BY SAEED NASIR

Kelly Clarkson shocked fans when she thought we would turn into a judge on NBC’s ‘The Speech’ over the ‘North american Idol’ reboot. Is she now dissing the show that made her a legend for coming back so soon after it ended?

When that ABC released in early on May that they were getting American Idol back following the show finished it’s 15 season operate on Fox in 2016, everyone assumed the perfect judge for the reboot would be the original Idol herself, Kelly Clarkson, 35. Shockingly, a few days later she discovered there was no way she could do that as she possessed already agreed to become a judge on season 14 of NBC’s performing competition The Voice. She now says AI is returning a touch too quickly after only being away from the airwaves for a year. “It’s a touch too soon, because I was pregnant with my child when it ended and he’s only one 1,” she tells Entertainment Regular about why she had taken a spread judging.
The shooting routine for Idol also could have taken her on the road for auditions and away from her family, unlike The Voice where everything goes down in L.A. She’s very familiar with the ease of the show’s filming plan as her partner Brandon Blackstock, 40, is judge Blake Shelton’s administrator. “I want it to be a great experience for my complete family, and that’s what I must think about at this point in my life,” the mother of two said. In addition to her three-year-old princess River Rose and one-year-old child Remington, Kelly and Brandon also raise two of his kids from a previous marriage. Just click here for pics of Kelly and her family.

“We’re used to the Speech schedule, we curently have to work around it because of us. We have four children — that can be very taxing with a agenda. It was just a no-brainer for me with The Speech because of that alone,” she unveiled. Still, it was bittersweet on her behalf when it was announced that Idol was coming back and she had been committed to NBC. “But my thing is, I was kind of bummed too when [Idol] emerged to me. I am hoping it’s super successful.”

“Would it have been awesome to come back to the show that began me and help give someone that start? Yes!” The “Love So Soft” vocalist told the mag. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t do a similar thing on The Voice. That’s my goal. I wish to have someone on my team, whether they get or not, to truly have a successful profession after being on the show.” Considering her considerable success as Idol’s biggest pop superstar, we realize she’s heading have a great eye at finding a contestant talented enough to follow in her footsteps!

HollywoodLifers, are you sad Kelly find the Words over Idol? Or do you trust her that Idol is returning way to soon after the show’s dramatic farewell?

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