Kapil Sharma: Genuinely unwell, I’m taking treatment for nervousness, BP and sugar problem BY SAEED NASIR

Dismissing information about being an alcoholic, Kapil Sharma has said in an interview that he is very unwell and focussing on his health. He in addition has exposed when audience can get his show to be back.

Kapil Sharma speaks about keeping Shah Rukh Khan waiting and what made his show go off air.
Kapil Sharma has made more than his reasonable share of reports since March this year. From a mid-flight brawl along with his co-actors to promises of the comedian suffering from depressive disorder or alcoholism to his TRP-generating Kapil Sharma Show going off-air, Kapil has seen everything in period of less than half a year. The actor who is also working on his second Bollywood endeavor, Firangi, has now revealed that he’s “genuinely unwell” and it is having Ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore.

In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, the comedian said, “I needed to repair my body to produce a great and healthy comeback. I hope to be back Mumbai by September-end. The majority of what has been discussed me currently is rubbish.”

Holding forth on his health, he said, “I have already been working for the last 10 years without a respite and I needed medical help combat anxiety, blood circulation pressure and sweets problems and perfect an unbalanced diet. I thought it was better to take a period of time before another problem i couldn’t control cropped up. After overlooking my health each one of these years, I am focussing onto it now.”

However, Kapil is quick to dismiss the allegations that he has been partying too hard or has become an alcoholic. Of late, rumours have been attaining surface that Kapil terminated filming of his show at the last minute and kept celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn longing. “Am I a fool to jeopardise my biggest source of income by causing Shah Rukh Khan put it off? Those who’re phoning me arrogant and egoistic don’t know how nice Shah Rukh has gone to me, how much love and respect I’ve for him. I don’t wish to make anybody wait around, whether it be a superstar or not. I’m honestly unwell and I don’t have the power to keep sending out denials,” he’s quoted as expressing.

Announcing the finish of Kapil’s show for now, Sony got said in a declaration, “Kapil has been under the weather for sometime now. Due to this, we have mutually decided to take a brief chance. However, once Kapil has retrieved completely, we will start taking pictures again. We value our relationship with Kapil and wish him a quick recovery.” Talking about the road map for his show, he said, “I’ll complete my medical course and start promoting my film before time for the show. I’ve no plans of leaving Sony.”

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