Justin Bieber’s hometown to demonstrate memorabilia from his early years BY SAEED NASIR


Justin Bieber carries out a medley of sounds at the 2016 Billboard Honors in NEVADA, Nevada, May 22, 2016.
ONTARIO, Jan 6 — A museum in Justin Bieber’s birthplace of Stratford, Ontario is setting up an display of memorabilia established to open next month in honour of its hometown hero.

The Stratford Perth Museum released on Thursday that “Justin Bieber: Steps to Stardom”, displaying memoirs from the formative years of the Canadian pop celebrity, is set to start on Feb 18.

More info comes via the local Stratford Beacon Herald, which reviews that the show will feature a collection of personal items, honours and memorabilia that have been donated by Bieber and his family.

The exhibit’s name identifies the steps of Stratford’s Avon Theatre, where Bieber got his start busking as a young man.

“The steps of the Avon Theater was most likely the turning point (in his life), but for many people around here, they realized he was talented years before that,” John Kastner, general administrator of the Stratford Perth Museum, advised the Stratford Beacon Herald.

Among the items set to go on display are the star’s hockey bag and jersey from his times with the Stratford Warriors, running shoes, backstage qualifications, T-shirts, personal characters, photos, award trophies and the platinum record for his 2009 debut album, My World.



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