Justin Bieber Said Selena Gomez Wasn’t “Wifey” Materials?

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Justin Bieber said Selena Gomez is not “wifey” material, corresponding to a essentially fabricated tabloid report. The article makes an attempt to exploit Bieber’s engagement and harm Gomez with a comment he never actually made. Gossip Cop can bust it.

A headline in Fine! Australia announces, “Justin Says: ‘Selena Was Never A Wifey.'” That is an entirely artificial quote. Bieber hasn’t said anything about Gomez by any means since popping the question to Hailey Baldwin previously this month, significantly less commented that she’s not partner material. This article itself starts with real quotations from the tribute Bieber uploaded on Instagram for Baldwin after their proposal.

“You will be the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else,” the superstar published in his lengthy message. The mag, however, seems to be twisting that remark into an explicit diss against Gomez, with whom he had an on-and-off romantic relationship for years until they travelled their individual ways a few months ago. The outlet goes on to say that while Bieber and Baldwin appear to have “gone from zero to 100 rapidly,” he has “known for some time that the 21-year-old model was wifey materials.”

The publication, without supplying credit, points to Bieber’s 2016 GQ interview, in which he mused, “What if Hailey eventually ends up being the lady I’m gonna marry, right?” The tabloid seems to be recommending that because Bieber made that two-year-old comment about Baldwin rather than Gomez, his ex was hardly ever really a possible “wife” for him.

While this is of course a subjective interpretation, the condition is that the magazine is showing it as a direct quote, as though it is real and factual, in its headline: “Selena was never a wifey.” Bieber hasn’t made such a remark to GQ, and his full tribute to Baldwin, linked above, shows Gomez wasn’t mentioned whatsoever. And on top of manufacturing this declaration out of nothing, Gossip Cop can also validate the store is guilty of plagiarism, too.

Among the image captions, for example, reads, “‘Justin does not have any contact with Selena now,’ a source explains to. ‘He seems fine with it.'” This is copied, with no attribution, from a June 13 People storyline, in which it was written, “‘Justin does not have any contact with Selena now,’ contributes the source. ‘He seems fine with it.'” (See screenshots below.) It gets worse, as a few of the “source” quotations in the key word, about Gomez’s supposed reaction to Bieber’s engagement, are plagiarized from HollywoodLife.

This is not an isolated incident. This same combination of fabrication and plagiarism was also evident before this week when Gossip Cop busted Alright! for boasting Jennifer Garner said she’s “not prepared to divorce” Ben Affleck. That, too, was a imitation offer, and the other assertions in the article were taken from other publications, just like now. Possibly the tabloid thinks it will not get trapped, but Gossip Cop could keep transparently exposing these lays as we come across them.

Summary: OK! claims Bieber said Gomez was “never a wifey,” and details to both his recent Instagram post and, without giving the name, a 2016 GQ interview. But an examination of both text messages show he didn’t make that comment in either place, and a Google search reveals the alleged quote doesn’t appear everywhere however in this tabloid. Additionally, there is certainly clear facts that the magazine plagiarized other insurance quotes that appear throughout this article. As a result, Gossip Cop has concluded this storyline is fiction.

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