Jessica Williams Joins The ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Sequel & The ‘Harry Potter’ Fanatic Couldn’t Be More Pumped BY SAEED NASIR


Deep breaths: Your favorite former Daily Show correspondent has joined your selected new film franchise and that, individuals, is the dictionary description of a Friday feeling. Plain British? Jessica Williams is becoming a member of Fantastic Beasts’ sequel, if her tweet announcing this is anything to put into practice, she’s as excited as you are. If you are unacquainted with all the Incredible Jessica Wayne star’s Harry Potter obsession, you need to know that she informed Stephen Colbert in the Later Show in July that she first met J.K. Rowling through Tweets. She told the TV host that she’d been an enormous lover of the literature as a child and therefore, was “really freaked out” when the author began following her on Twitter while Williams was focusing on The Daily Show. Heck, she even ceased tweeting for some time because she was too intimidated.


As the earth learned from Williams’ Later Show interview, the British writer reached away to her by slipping into her DMs in 2015 to wish her a happy birthday and compliment her for her Television work — and so began the start of something beautiful. Although this is real life, rather than a novel about a plucky son wizard who triumphs against the chances, you should also know that this camaraderie has blossomed since that time.


Relating to Williams’ Instagram (and Rowling’s Tweets), the set hung out for real in July. And while, as Williams published under her Instagram post exhibiting her with the article writer, get together your idol can frequently be “a genuine toss up of either cupcakes or dog doodoo if you know what After all,” she clarified that, “This the following was cupcakes.”

So no surprise she’s so thrilled to be involved in a fresh Potter job. Pottermore declared that Williams’ role in the great Beasts sequel hasn’t been uncovered yet. But that hasn’t made the 28-year-old any less ecstatic about the announcement — when announcing the good news on Instagram, Williams had written,

So, which Fantastic Beasts figure could Williams be participating in? It’s tricky to state, since there’s no concrete plot information on the sequel available. However, possibly clues could be gleaned from the possible locations — CinemaBlend reported that the great Beasts sequel will be set in both U.K. and Paris, and speculates that given villain Gellert Grindelwald (who escaped at the end of the last film, implying he’ll presumably be back the sequel) has links to Germany. So here is actually a chance that the film would also have moments in the same country. When the U.K. displays suggest Hogwarts might be involved — and let’s face it, it would be weird to not include the university when followers are so wanting to see it again, and you’re capturing in the same country anyhow — then maybe Williams would play one of the professors there.



But really, at this stage, it’s too hard to state. Williams isn’t really the only new name that’s been announced to join the cast. Matching to Pottermore, German acting professional Wolf Roth will be on board as a identity called Spielman, Call the Midwife legend Victoria Yeates will play the mysteriously called Bunty, Derek Riddell will play Torquil Travers, Poppy Corby-Tuech will play Rosier, and Cornell S John will take the role of Arnold Guzman. Pottermore stressed that Rosier and Travers are of particular interest, since these surnames come in the Harry Potter literature attached to two Fatality Eaters who work for Lord Voldemort.

So no, fans might not know too much about the details of her role, but if you have tuned into the podcast 2 Dope Queens, observed her focus on The Daily Show, or found The Amazing Jessica Wayne, you know very well what sort of raw talent the great Beasts franchise has on its hands. Realistically, whatever role she will take, there’s a higher probability that Williams will be totally luminous.

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