Jennifer Garner Said She’s “Not Ready To Divorce” Ben Affleck?

Did Jennifer Garner really say she’s “not ready to divorce” Ben Affleck? That’s the untruthful claim coming from one of the week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk the allegation with training video proof.

The brand new cover of All right! Australia features the teaser, “Jen’s Heartbreaking Interview: ‘I’m Not Ready To Divorce Ben.'” Inside the issue, the same alleged quote appears in the headline, with the journal claiming Garner “reveal[ed] why she hasn’t finalized their divide.” The wall plug is referring to Garner’s recent interview with the CBS show “Sunday Day,” which broadcast a nine-minute profile of the celebrity this past Sunday.

During the section, she spoke candidly about the issue of living under tabloid scrutiny during her relationship with Affleck, and in the wake of these 2015 breakup. “There was a good decade where there was five or six automobiles bare minimum, and easily up to 15 or 20 on the weekends, outside of my house all the time. And looking again on that, I really feel the stress of it. I could cry discussing it,” Garner said.

She continued, “What I think I learned is that scrutiny on your private life places a pressure to make something happen. You are feeling a pressure to rush up and get hitched because you feel that will end the, ‘Are they engaged or are they not?’ And that’s true in the reverse as well. If there is any inkling of trouble, or if the tabloid decides there’s trouble, it can create trouble. But in all honesty, general population scrutiny — everyone says, ‘Oh, you’ve got to go through this in public areas.’ The general public isn’t what’s hard. What’s hard is certainly going through it.”

The electric outlet features many of these rates in its article, but contributes in the line, “I’m not prepared to divorce Ben.” As the entire CBS training video of Garner’s interview shows, she never uttered such a estimate, nor do she ever say anything remotely similar. This is an indisputable fabrication.

The publication also claims that, although celebrity and Affleck break up three years before, she “admits that nonetheless, it’s hard to release.” Again, the footage shows Garner said nothing like that. The “stress” to which she referenced was totally about the paparazzi staking out her home throughout the marriage, and “looking back on that,” as she said, can make her mental. The tabloid keeps Garner “exposed about struggling to handle the breakdown” of the relationship when that’s evidently false. She also never “revealed” why they haven’t finalized the divorce.

On top of those blatant falsehoods, the journal also quotes an “inside source,” who accuses Garner of “stalling” the divorce, and boasts she’s “terrified” of sacrificing Affleck to his sweetheart, Lindsay Shookus, amid “rumors” that the “SNL” developer “could be pregnant.” These “source” rates, however, are plagiarized from the Country wide Enquirer and RadarOnline, which Gossip Cop busted greater than a week ago for wrongly contending Garner was “blocking” Affleck and Shookus from being married. Even though those stores were inaccurate in their allegations, OK! doesn’t take the time to provide attribution and instead goes by off the quotes as their own.

Similarly, this article ends this way: “It’s clear that Ben is a tough act to follow. ‘He’s the love of my entire life,’ she unfortunately admits. ‘What am I heading to do about that?'” Again the tabloid doesn’t credit the original publication, likely because these rates are 2 yrs old and from Garner’s first post-split interview with Vanity Fair in 2016. But they’re provided here as current statements, as if they may be from Garner’s CBS profile, when they are unequivocally not.

Realization: The cover of All right! and the headline of its article feature the quotation, “I’m Not PREPARED TO Divorce Ben.” However the full video of Garner’s interview with CBS Information, which is exactly what the story is about, shows she never said that. The tabloid also doesn’t provide any framework for additional rates from Garner, delivering them as recent responses when they’re actually from an interview that was conducted a couple of years ago with another publication. Furthermore, the journal plagiarizes from two fellow gossip shops. This clear fact-check makes it evident that the storyline is full of lies and misinformation.

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