Jamie Lee Curtis’ Return To ‘Halloween’ Will Show PRESENT DAY Scream Queens How It’s Done BY SAEED NASIR


Present day scream queens are about to get a lesson from the expert when Jamie Lee Curtis comes back to the Halloween franchise in 2018. The 1978 slasher film made Curtis a household name thanks to her turn as you of cinema’s first last women, Laurie Strode. On Fri, the actor announced on Twitter that she’s returning to the franchise 40 years later to star in the new Halloween film from article writer and comedian Danny McBride.

Being a Halloween superfan, McBride wanted to bring the franchise back to its root base, so he teamed up with his writing spouse David Gordon Green to make it happen. While story details are scarce at this time, the writer performed tell Entertainment Weekly that it is his love for the original film that made him want to resurrect the franchise. McBride told EW,

“We just love that original ‘Halloween.’ There’s something so intimidating about how simple it was. I needed seen all the ‘Halloween’ films. We really were studying all the sequels and stuff, just to see where it exactly it went wrong. It definitely kind of was feeling that, as the series went on, Michael Myers became like Frankenstein and he was like indestructible and I think the more indestructible he was, the less terrifying he became.”
In addition to taking Michael back down to globe, McBride also seems to understand the value of reinstating Laurie as the film’s hero. Having her face off with Michael once more gets the potential to be hugely gratifying, especially since this could be the last Halloween movie, corresponding to Variety.


Since the moment Curtis screamed and fought her way through the ’78 film, she’s become the quintessential scream queen. In fact, she’s so well known for her horror roots that Ryan Murphy cast her in his Fox series called, appropriately enough, Scream Queens. While she went on to star in a diverse range of movies throughout her job, it’s hard not to affiliate Curtis with the horror genre.

That only makes her go back to horror all the more thrilling. Curtis starred in four of the Halloween films, and made a cameo in Halloween III: Season of the Witch. However, as the franchise added increasingly more entries, Michael and his indestructibility became the legend. Meanwhile, Laurie’s history became more of a footnote, even though she actually is the undisputed protagonist of the first two films.

If this is truly going to be Halloween’s last hurrah, then Laurie deserves a chance to have her story told. She was a teen in the first movie, and a mommy trying to protect her child in Halloween: H20. Who is she now? After facing Michael multiple times, she’s likely do less screaming and much more fighting with each other in the forthcoming film. The chance to give her a real sense of company, as well as the chance to put a stop to Michael for good, is reason enough to return to Haddonfield.

Michael required some detours along the way, but Laurie has always been his truest adversary. Having them meet again, 40 years later, feels downright necessary. Moreover, this move gives Curtis the opportunity to be appreciated as more than a scream queen — she now gets the potential to be the hero who ends Michael’s reign of terror. And there’s no ending as pleasing than seeing the ultimate girl grow to be the final female fully capable of banishing the boogeyman from her life once and for all.

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