Interview With Naaz Norouzi Of Maan Jao Na BY SAEED NASIR

Naaz Norouzi, the latest discomfort going to Pakistani Media, she actually is the lead celebrity of Crew Motions picture’s next opportunity Maan Jao Naa that will hit the screen, was created in Tehran, Iran in 1992.

In 2000 she moved to Germany with her Family. She actually is an only Child. She began modelling when she was about 15 years of age, going to school and managing shoots on the weekends became her everyday activities. Before the era of 19, she experienced travelled the majority of Asia and Europe. Once she was finished with school, the decision of moving to India was made. Naaz Norouzi has been residing in Mumbai since 2012 and continuing her career as an effective model in the Indian industry having done promotions with Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan both.

Naaz Norouzi is ready to make her debut in approaching Pakistani movie “Maan Jao Na”.

Naaz Norouzi
1. Any special stories when you were shooting your movie ‘Maan jao na’?

Every film has a great deal of memories mounted on it, but I believe my formula with my director and DOP and everything the fun times we had while shooting is exactly what I carried back with me.

Naaz Norouzi

2. You grew up on a diet of Bollywood videos so what was it like working with an all Pakistani cast in ‘Maan jao na’?

You could easily say I flourish on Bollywood videos, and my decision to act originated from here only. Pakistani industry is different, people are different, their ways of working is different, initially, it got me time to settle down, but individuals were very kind and inviting so I didn’t face a great deal of issues.

Naaz Norouzi Photos

3. How was your experience dealing with the Indian heartthrobs Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan?

It was like a dream, these are such wonderful humans. So, humble and warm, they don’t make you feel just like you are an outsider or a newcomer. It was an amazing experience.

Naaz Norouzi Hot

4. What are another things you’re working on?

At this time I am learning Punjabi, my next task perceives me in a Punjabi female avatar. I am fairly excited and geared up for that.

Naaz Norouzi

5. We’d like to know about yourself.

Naaz as one is someone who loves having a great time, quite an extrovert, but at exactly the same time I am an extremely disciplined person, it comes from my upbringing I guess. I’ve this soft aspect if you ask me, which still loves to go out and have fun, but might work restricts me since I have to always put my best feet forward when it comes to being on the job, I conclude sleeping early, and Personally i think I might have grown to be tad bit boring. **giggles**

Naaz Norouzi

6. What’s so special about Maan jao na’?

first Pakistani movie I did, it makes it special simply for that. The thoughts, the co-actors, the staff and all the individuals involved in the film who made me extremely comfortable in the new environment is why is this film special

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