‘I’m seeking to sort out certain issues’: Zayn Malik addresses ongoing stress attack… as he unveils he slept on a bed for SIX months in his LA pad because he ‘liked precisely how it felt BY SAEED NASIR


His anxiousness issues have recommended he has still not performed are in Britain since releasing his single music career.

And now Zayn Malik, 24, has hinted that he’s still fighting with each other the problem in a fresh behind the exhibits training video at his Vogue cover blast.

The ex girl or boyfriend One Course heart-throb recently landed the desired slot machine game on leading of the US fashion bible alongside his supermodel spouse Gigi Hadid, 22.

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‘I’m seeking to sort out certain issues’: Zayn Malik has dealt with his ongoing anxiousness struggle in a fresh behind the views interview with Vogue
The introverted superstar uncovered more about his struggle with nervousness through the interview.
He said: ‘I always feel just like I’m seeking to sort out whatever certain issues are around certain subjects.

‘For myself, it originates from a location of not attempting to come across as an over-arrogant person who demands themselves too critically.

‘I’m definitely not endeavoring to be pretentious or say something that will change the world, I feel like I’m one voice among thousands.’

Still challenges: Despite being on the cover of Vogue with 22-year-old partner Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik, 24, has disclosed he still has lots of personal demons he’s working with

Zayn also said that despite as an international pop superstar, he challenges to incorporate with other folks.

He said: ‘I’m not a very outgoing sociable person like in conditions of a significant group.

‘You know when we’re on the point of put the next album away, people are going to start browsing me a lttle bit more.

‘I’m exciting for what people will think and I believe it has been per annum since I properly proven my face and products.’

Supportive: Zayn, pictured at Paris Fashion week in-may this season, is being strengthened through his troubles by woman Gigi


Supportive: Zayn, pictured at Paris Fashion week in May this year, is being supported through his troubles by girlfriend Gigi

Zayn has been praised for his self-assured, upfront method of talking about mental medical issues.

He terminated his appearance finally year’s Capital Summertime Ball just moments before he was credited to be on stage and placed a heartfelt notice to fanatics about his problems.

The superstar tweeted at that time: ‘However my worry that has haunted me throughout the prior couple of weeks around concert events has gotten

New music: Zayn's second album will be released soon and he has already made a music video for first single Still Got Time

‘With the magnitude of the function, I have endured the worst anxiety of my occupation. I cannot apologise enough but I wish to be genuine with everyone and also require patiently waited to see me, I assure I’ll do my better to understand this to up to everyone I’ve disappointed today.’

Zayn also discusses his move Stateside in the interview – uncovering he didn’t buy a base for his new home for six months.

He said: ‘ When I first improved here, I acquired sleeping on the mattress for half a year.

‘I didn’t really want to do anything to it because I liked precisely how it experienced and it presumed minimalistic, there was really nothing to carry onto.

‘I only relocated out of my London pad which received a whole lot of products in it. I decided to just stay a poster on the walk and execute a collage. It had been meant to be considered a collage and i quickly did the complete wall structure and I travelled from there.

‘I didn’t genuinely have anything in the house except for this significant collaged wall

Power couple: Zayn and Gigi, pictured at the Met Gala in New York last year, are more loved up than ever

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