Ian Somerhalder Throwing Out Nikki Reed’s CONTRACEPTIVE Pills: Was It a Bad Joke? BY SAEED NASIR

Starting a family group is an enormous determination. One wherein both parties should be prepared for the responsibility and not be forced into it. However, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed’s latest comment says often.

Within an interview on Dr. Berlin’s Informed Motherhood podcast, Nikki revealed that Ian allegedly threw out her contraceptive pills so she could get pregnant. Ian corroborated this storyline and said, “We chose that we wanted to have children mutually, and it was just time. But unbeknownst to poor Nikki, she didn’t recognize that I was going to will end up in her bag and remove her birth control. Incidentally, it was the start of the pack, therefore i needed to pop all those suckers out.” He added that Nikki freaked out for six minutes over it.

Following the backlash, Nikki then took to Twitter to guard her partner. She emphasized that people should focus on women’s rights and not make gossip about “a funny interview between a married couple.”

We’re not certain this is definitely a joke or if it really happened. Either way, it’s a problematic exchange.

Cosmopolitan Australia pointed out that the action is “possessive and controlling AF” on Ian’s part and it’s really true. When a couple wants to get children, they should talk about it rather than, hypothetically, stealing a pack of contraceptive pills.

But again, making a tale about any of it and laughing doesn’t make it better. It sort of normalizes a poisonous relationship, and also insensitive toward women who don’t possess access to birth control and contraceptives.

Due to the fact this is one of these first interviews since their “one month of silence,” Nikki and Ian should instead discuss more about healthy connections and parenthood. Like every super star parent, what they state about their family–regardless if it’s a tale or not–can reflect badly on them and exactly how they look after their child.

We hope both Nikki and Ian learn their lesson using their company careless comment; verify that they truly stand with women’s privileges and don’t condone such behavior.

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