Homemade Yogurt Scalp Masks That Repair Damaged Hair BY SAEED NASIR


It is without doubt this functional dish is the first and the main treatment for beautiful, lush mane and to fight virtually all the locks problems.


We are raised to assume that yoghurt or curd is wonderful as a food recipe and it is popular as a beauty product. With Zinc, supplement E, proteins and lactic acid present, yoghurt will wonders to hair in myriad ways. Expressing that, let’s have a look at this excellent locks treatment product that effectively stimulates hair growth and strengthens it.

1. Hair conditioner

Hair conditioner images

Keeping your locks healthy and staying away from breakage is an essential part of hair growth. And here, yoghurt simply comes as a benefit. Rich in vitamin supplements B5 and formulated with anti-bacterial agents, yoghurt is an excellent tonic to boost hair growth.



Combination 1 tablespoon of essential olive oil with 1 glass yoghurt and set aside. Make a mix of lemon drink and normal water in a jug. Once you shampoo your hair, apply yogurt-oil head of hair face mask to your moist locks and leave it on for 20 minutes. Next, rinse the scalp with the cool or normal water (whatever suits you as per the outside temperature). Follow this up by rinsing nice hair again with lemon water. Repeat the process for at least thrice per month. You are all set for a manageable hair after this.

2. Hair moisturiser

Hair moisturiser

The protein content in aloe vera and yoghurt keeps hair hydrated by moisturising it. Amino acids in aloe vera help maintain healthy root base.


Make an assortment of yoghurt, honey and aloe vera. Apply the even paste on your hair from the root base to the tips of hair in areas till flowing hair is entirely protected in the combination. Leave for approximately 30-40 minutes. Clean off with lukewarm drinking water. You can add a banana to this face mask if you have dried up wild hair. or strawberries if you have greasy hair. The load up is extremely good for healthy hair growth.

3. Dandruff defence

Dandruff defence

Dandruff means annoyed and flaky scalp which affects and actually damages nice hair. So, the necessity of the hour is to have hair growth from a healthy scalp. Fenugreek and yoghurt along can weave magic into the scalp. Anti-fungal properties of yoghurt unclog hair follicles and help deal with the dandruff issue. Also, they are the best-known ingredients to maintain head health.


Soak fenugreek seed products over night. Grind the seeds in the morning and mix it with yoghurt. Apply the paste to your scalp and wild hair. Leave it in for around 30 minutes and then rinse it with lukewarm water. You will see relief from the itchiness and scratching of your head.

4. Fights frizz

Fights frizz

Frizzy hair can be irritating as it averts hair growth and tends to fall more. Well, taming such mane is not a walk in the area. But with yoghurt with you, you can defend against the frizz and stop the damage to the cuticles. Nutrition present in the wealthy and creamy yoghurt treat your dried out mane and make it smooth and shiny.



Make a moisturising and conditioning head of hair load up using the pulp of a totally ripe banana. Leave the blend on hair for 20 minutes. Take action twice weekly. This awesome formula will fight the frizziness and control those fly-aways for sure.

5. Hair fall control

Hair control

It’s all due to unhealthy scalp and clogging of follicles that you face hair loss or hair loss. So, what we need is to make your head healthy, which in turn will boost hair growth. Yoghurt, because of its rich properties, can be useful to nourish the tissue and work excellently towards hair fall control.


Make an ordinary yoghurt hair load up. You can use fresh or sour yoghurt for this. After the application, massage the yoghurt on your head for about 5 minutes. Let it sit for an hour. Then, rinse with lukewarm normal water. It will damage-proof your hair and stop it from falling.

6. Scalp serum (health proteins treatment)

Hair serum (protein treatment)

Lactic acid and proteins in yogurt balance the pH levels and regulate sebum development in our head respectively. In short, yoghurt infuses protein into our locks and enhances hair growth.


Mixture egg yolk and yoghurt for a deep conditioning protein treatment. Simply apply and massage therapy the mixture into your hair. Let it take a seat for 20 minutes. Wash and shampoo head of hair. You may apply this treatment weekly. Rich-in-fats yolk and protein-rich yoghurt, together act as a fantastic natural protein spa for nice hair.

7. Hair strengthening

Hair strengthening

Strong hair roots and head means thick, workable and shiny locks. Yoghurt is well known for building up the origins of flowing hair and finally promoting hair regrowth.


Mixture some pepper powder with yoghurt and apply all over your scalp. After 20 minutes, wash off with tepid normal water. Get it done once weekly to get the best results. This may be your natural solution to fight hair fall.


8. Split ends

Split ends

Break up ends too have a bad effect on wild hair preventing the proper growth and glow. Yoghurt can stop your locks from such problems caused due to stress, pollution, harsh drinking water and substance treatments.


Take some yoghurt, castor essential oil and cream. Apply the paste with the clean on your root base and hair. Let it remain for around 30 minutes and then wash off with tepid normal water. Repeat the procedure once a week. This mixture will not only ease you from divide ends but will also confer flowing hair with a gorgeous lustre.

9. Yummy yoghurt in your diet

Yummy yoghurt

Poor digestion and hair loss is directly related. Whether it is stomach annoyed, indigestion or bloating; if you are facing these problems frequently, there are chances it damage your hair. Well, the nice bacterias in yogurt help boost your overall digestive tract. It is stated that it helps absorb nutrition from the food one eats. No think about, consuming a cup of yoghurt daily supports digestion and helps maintain your intestines clean.

How to have it

You could have the yoghurt basic with your chapattis or rice, or you can go for lassi (special) or buttermilk (salty chaach) as a stress buster or mood lifters. You can go for yoghurt and mony lassi as well for the clear abdominal. So, now you have grounds to acquire yoghurt with every meals.

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