Homemade Banana Face Masks For Skin and Wild hair BY SAEED NASIR

We’ve already presented various Homemade Masks for skin and head of hair. Banana has some real nutrients and potents due to which it is recognized as the Quick beauty fix from character. Banana face masks are simple to operate for face and wild hair. Showing with you some proven quality recipes of the homemade banana masks.
Banana for face whitening and Glowing Skin
Nutrient in Banana
Vitamin A
Fades dark areas and blemishes. Smoothens out harsh skin.
Vitamin B
Prevents ageing, reduces dryness, moisturise, and lightens skin
Vitamin E
Battles free radical harm, bolsters the skin’s UV amount of resistance, prevents and reduces the looks of lines and wrinkles. Is aptly known as “the protector.”
Gets rid of dry pores and skin by moisturising and hydrating skin cells.
Banana face masks for acne:

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Are you looking for a solution to take care of your acne susceptible skin area with the organic ingredients effortlessly? Well, this banana face mask is chemical substance free with turmeric and baking soda pop acts to deal with acne and acne, lessens blemishes and helps you having a glowing face. Turmeric is an ancient times dried out root herb and baking soda works as a powerful facial cleanser and exfoliant.

Take one ripe banana, add cooking soda and turmeric consequently making a dense paste with rose water. you can also add milk. apply this mask on your face, let it dried up for 10-15 mins. wash and pat dry.

Banana masks for locks:

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Well, this multi benefits super fruit wouldn’t normally only be ideal for your skin layer but, you can also make your head of hair glimmer and lustrous with banana scalp masks. To make a good mask you’ll need a good ripe banana, honey, dairy and coconut engine oil. Put it all in a blender making a solid paste. Now apply it to your hair keeping it for 30 mins. Massage your head and roots.

You will observe the results after wash.

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