Home-Remedy To avoid Natural Shine WITHIN YOUR Hair BY SAEED NASIR

Home-Remedy-To-prevent-Natural-Shine-In-Your-HairEvery one would like to have gleaming and healthy hairs but scheduled to different types of pollution, it isn’t possible to avoid natural shine of hairs and therefore, we have to use different kinds of hair care products. The use of these hair care products are not without any side effects in case you desire to use natural treatments or home made remedies to make your hairs healthy and sparkly without any area effects, then we’ve the right home made remedy for hair care problems.

Marigold bloom 250 gram

Mustard olive oil 2kg

Take mustard olive oil and put it in a medium size dish and dip marigold flowers in petrol and let it unify for whole night. In morning hours, strain marigold flowers from petrol and afterwards massage therapy your hairs with this engine oil and allow it absorb for at least 1 hour, rinse with hair shampoo. Use this organic remedy and you’ll see your hairs getting more healthy and shinier, daily.

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