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Within an ever-changing landscape of pop music that can be especially unkind to women, Red has survived Gloria Gaynor-style. Seventeen years after her first Hot 100 hit, Pink is coming back this year with her seventh studio record, her first since 2012’s chart-topping The Truth About Love. Throughout the last ten years of her job, Pink has made a sound that is really as at home on Top 40 radio as it is on an adult contemporary place, all without reducing some of her frankness. Some tips about what we realize about her upcoming album, Beautiful Trauma.

Beautiful Stress comes out Oct 13.

We’ve already gotten a preference of the album through two previously released singles: the dancefloor-filling drama of “What About Us,” and the punchy power-pop of “Beautiful Injury.” The entire thirteen-track album comes out next Fri.

She hasn’t released an album in five years, but her hiatus doesn’t suggest she’s become rusty.

After having her daughter Willow, in 2011, Green didn’t exactly slow down and have a break. Immediately after Willow’s delivery, she noted 2012’s THE REALITY About Love and went on tour, newborn and all. Pink told the New York Times in a recent feature that the experience “definitely needed like five years off my life.” But just as any pop noteworthy would, Pink is bouncing back and maintaining her contemporaries. In addition to cowriting every trail on the album, she’s called upon a cabal of A-list makers to mould her sound for 2017: “Shape of You” mastermind Steve Apple pc, Max Martin, Tobias Jesso Jr., Greg Kurstin, and frequent Taylor Swift and Lorde-collaborator Jack Antonoff, who she described to Entertainment Weekly as a “quirky Bruce Springsteen-loving rad NJ dude.”

But don’t expect her to reinvent the wheel.

Her manager Roger Davies called the record “only a continuation of the previous records.” Appears like we can anticipate more of the female power-anthems and powerful ballads–plus the no-bullshit attitude– that we’ve come to anticipate from Pink.

Her label warned her she may not make it onto pop radio, which ended up being wrong.

For the reason that same NYT piece, Pink recalls: “I had developed the complete sit-down, you know: ‘Just prepare yourself, they don’t play young ladies over 35 on Top 40 radio. You will find exceptions, but they’re melodies, not musicians and artists — unless you’re Beyonc?.” With “HOW ABOUT Us” charting at No. 15 on the Hot 100, she obviously sidestepped those predictions.

A brief Apple Music film, entitled Within the Record: P!nk – Beautiful Trauma, will be released alongside the recording next week.

Within the Record features behind-the-scenes video footage from her head to and interviews where in fact the popstar opens up about motherhood and her career. Amusingly enough, in the midst of detailing just how hectic her life is, she mentions her 8-month-old boy as “my 8-year-old.”

Pink may not be dressed for the weather on the cover.

Between your bedazzled bustier and the reflective puffy coat, the album artwork for Beautiful Injury is providing us seasonally conflicting emails.

Pink is soaring solo on this one.

Though Pink may have a monitor with Eminem in the works, this recording is all hers, with nary a “(ft.)” around the corner. From the rarity in a period of EDM and rap collaborations, but Red is going at it by itself.

Beautiful Injury celebrates the duality of life.

With regards to the album title and single, Red tweeted that life is “f*cking traumatic. But it is also incredibly beautiful, too.”

And the melodies seem to embrace that duality.

The song titles seem to indicate both pleasure (“You Get My Love”) and heartbreak (“But We Lost It”) as well, but Green doesn’t plan on bogging down listeners with trail after tabs on melodrama. “There was no other goal than never to have an recording full of slow-moving, sad tracks,” Pink told Entertainment Weekly.

1. Beautiful Trauma
2. Revenge
3. Whatever You Want
5. But We Lost It
6. Barbies
7. Where We Go
8. For Now
9. Secrets
10. Better Life
11. I Am Here
12. Wild Hearts CAN NOT BE Broken
13. You Get My Love

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