Harry Styles Has The Most Beautiful Eyes, According To AN EXTREMELY Serious STUDY BY SAEED NASIR

Here’s the right news for everyone who thinks that Harry Styles has the most beautiful eyes on the globe: Knowledge actually agrees with you. As reported by Billboard, a fresh study released by the U.K.’s Centre for Advanced Face Cosmetic and COSMETIC SURGERY found that the One Direction alum has the greatest green eye, because of a mathematical formula called the Golden Percentage of Beauty Phi, which studies out how close or considerably apart certain cosmetic features are.

Dr. Julian De Silva, a U.K.-based plastic surgeon, used the solution to examine which male Hollywood A-listers have best facial features, and then placed the list of men in overall attractiveness. Styles came out at the top as getting the most beautiful sight of all the men considered, but positioned fourth on the set of who’s the most handsome, as he was not-so-surprisingly defeat out by George Clooney who took the top place.

If you’re wanting to know the way the Golden Proportion works, it uses computer mapping technology to evaluate out how symmetrical individuals’ encounters are. In doing this, Silva’s study found that, in addition to having the most beautiful eyes, Styles also possessed the most attractive chin of all men assessed, while David Beckham was uncovered to really have the best face shape.

Other famous encounters that were included on the list were Zayn Malik, Styles’ former One Route bandmate, who ranked ninth; Bradley Cooper, who came in at a close second; and Brad Pitt, who positioned third.

However, this probably isn’t breaking news to Harry Styles fans, since they tweet about his sight regularly
Though the analysis was likely done all in good fun and we shouldn’t actually evaluate people’s beauty predicated on face measurements (or, you understand, whatsoever), you can still keep this data in mind for the next time your friends disagree along with you over whether or not Styles’ eye are gorgeous.


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