Hadiqa Kiani’s New Songs ‘Kamli Da Dhola’ is Finally Here!

Kamli Da Dhola
Hadiqa Kiani’s new record “Kamli Da Dhola” has been released. The songs is offering live instruments and it has no autotune in it.

As per a previousl press release, WAJD – Level 1 will deliver 8 grades available in pristine organic and natural form in a live studio format, encapsulating a individuality of any presented musician and their particular instrument. “WAJD is not usually an audio tracks manuscript though a low-pitched head to that seeks to try mislaid customs, a leisure of tenure of an Eastern folk tradition, a individuality of any musician and instrument-free from a extraneous and over-processing of digital tracking and a stripping divided of showy arrangements to exhibit a elementary covering of low-pitched truth,” pronounced Hadiqa Kiani.

Hadiqa Kiani

The Dupatta performer, who has obviously mastered a fine art of belting out visits in a accumulation of dialects, will be highlighting six informal dialects including Punjabi, Saraiki, Sindhi, Balochi, Pashto and Urdu. Kamli Da Dhola, a Saraiki section of a recording, is soulful and calming. Listen to a strain here: WAJD – Volume 1 audio chapters will be specifically expelled on Patari

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