Gigi Hadid Reveals How Zayn Malik Surprised Her for Their 2-Year Anniversary BY SAEED NASIR

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik celebrated their second wedding anniversary before this week, triggering the Internet to collectively aw when the supermodel put up an image of the two lovebirds with the caption “2 yrs w the best individuals.” How did they indicate the occasion?

“He surprised me with a supper,” Hadid informed InStyle last night while debuting her new collection of mules for Stuart Weitzman. “It had been just really nice. We’ve the best time, and we love to try new food jointly. We prepare food a lot, so it is nice to get away and try things that people don’t make at home.”

Hadid enjoys a nighttime in too, though. In fact, baking for Malik is one of her day evening go-tos. “The best move to make is ask him something arbitrary that he would like me to make. I like challenging myself and discovering if I can make it. We do that a great deal.”


Malik’s mother even directs Hadid quality recipes to whip up for her child. “That’s really fun for me personally. Just arbitrary things we see on food network, or his mommy will send me formulas and I really do it,” the model said. “It’s a great way to get my mind off things when I have a day off.”

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The couple began dating when Malik, now 24, was at NY in 2015 to attend the Victoria’s Magic formula Fashion Show, which Hadid, now 22, will be walking in again on Nov. 20, this time in Shanghai, China.

Hadid told the adorable account of the first date on The Ellen Show earlier this year. “We actually attained at a friend’s birthday party a couple of years earlier, and then he was in New York to come quickly to the Victoria’s Key Show this past year, I think, and finished up not coming. I had been like, I’ll play it cool, I’ll go directly to the after-party. He wasn’t there,” she said.

But that didn’t keep them aside. “And later that week, we ended up taking place our first date,” Hadid said. “We performed it cool for about like 10 minutes and i quickly was like, you’re really cute. We connected really quickly.”

We wish the personalities many more times of loving home cooking mutually. And Hadid, for just one, will be putting on her range mitts again soon.

“I always am the pie machine for Thanksgiving,” she said. “My custom is eating breakfast time early on and then not having lunch and then having meal really early, at like four. It’s kind of, like, Linner thanksgiving–and then you pass out.”

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