From Ranbir Kapoor to Dia Mirza, a reel vs real rundown of who plays who in Sanju

Director Rajkumar Hirani’s future Sanjay Dutt biopic, Sanju, has enticed the cream of Bollywood celebrities, even for the helping roles. Here is a side-by-side rundown of the celebrities and their real-life counterparts.
Ranbir Kapoor takes on Sanjay Dutt in the biopic, Sanju.
From that first ‘leaked’ picture that travelled viral on the internet in 2017, it was clear that director Rajkumar Hirani was giving no rock unturned in perfecting acting professional Ranbir Kapoor’s try Sanju. Upon the release of the first teaser and then your truck, it was clear that not only acquired this focus on detail been lengthened to Ranbir, but also all of those other cast.

A lot of the supporting jobs in the approaching biopic of Sanjay Dutt are based on real people in the actor’s life–his father Sunil Dutt (performed by Paresh Rawal), his mom Nargis (played by Manisha Koirala) and his better half Manyata (enjoyed by Dia Mirza). But several personas are an amalgamation of individuals Sanjay has crossed pathways with during his life–including tabloid reporters and the hundreds of girlfriends.

Hirani has also recreated displays and incidents from Sanjay’s life on display screen. On Fri, as a wonder for followers, the director shared a video recording from the film in which he had recreated the class room landscape from Munna Bhai MBBS, complete with the background extras. Ranbir’s resemblance to Sanjay was once more the showcase of the piece.

This is a breakdown of the main individuals in Sanju.

Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt

Rajkumar Hirani recreated the Munna Bhai classroom scene for Sanju.
Ranbir has been very vocal about his admiration for Sanjay, both as a person and his job. “I understand I never could possibly be the man he’s, however in whichever way i go about in my own career as a person and even through this film, I must say i want Sanju sir to like me because Personally i think that he’s man which i respect a whole lot and I must say i look up to him. I hope that he feels that I’ve represented his life in very genuine and improved way,” said Ranbir at the film’s trailer launch.

Dia Mirza as Manyata Dutt

Dia Mirza performs one of the numerous supporting tasks in Sanju.
In the truck, Sanjay’s partner Manyata Dutt is shown as a pillar of strength in his life, even as he boasts about having possessed hundreds of girlfriends. Sanjay and Manyata, a one-time acting professional and current CEO of his development company, were wedded in a private wedding ceremony in 2008. The couple welcomed twins Iqra and Shahraan this year 2010.

Paresh Rawal as Sunil Dutt

Paresh Rawal takes on Sanjay’s dad Sunil Dutt in Sanju.
It has often been said that Sanju at its core is a father-son storyline, about the difficult romantic relationship Sanjay distributed to veteran acting professional Sunil Dutt. During his children, Sunil reportedly delivered his kid to a US treatment clinic where he could obtain treatment for his medicine addiction. Their romantic relationship warmed as Sanjay received his life again on track, thanks in part to the raise directed at him by Hirani and Munna Bhai.

Manisha Koirala as Nargis

Manisha Koirala, one of the very most popular faces in ’90s Bollywood, plays Sanjay’s mom, the iconic celebrity, Nargis.
In essence, the two turning points in Sanjay Dutt’s life came after two deaths — of his mom, Nargis, and father Sunil. After his mother’s death, Sanjay’s life spiralled out of control as he became reliant on drugs, and his father’s death sobered him up.

Hirani is one of the very most successful working directors in Bollywood, who has delivered memorable box office and critical hits with both Munna Bhai videos, and PK and 3 Idiots, both starring Aamir Khan. Sanju is slated for release on June 29, and is also one of the most anticipated videos of the entire year.

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