First look at Fatality Wish slated as ‘pro-NRA’ BY SAEED NASIR

Bruce Willis is back – and this time, he offers all guns blazing in the first truck for director Eli Roth’s remake of the 1974 Charles Bronson typical.

MGM has released the first go through the new Fatality Wish, which shows Bruce Willis’ Dr Paul Kersey as a hoodie-clad vigilante who roams the roads of Chicago. He’s identified to get the people who wiped out his wife.
Bruce Willis looks rather happy about having plenty of guns in the new Death Wish film.

The film is directed by horror wunderkind Eli Roth, who’s most widely known for his Hostel and Cabin Fever films.

The trailer in addition has showcased the darker comedic elements of the new film, which have been inserted into the remake, as opposed to the grim tone established down in the original flick.

Bruce Willis’s character gets his revenge in Death Wish.

However, not many people are on board with the new blackly funny tone of the film, with the internet once again reacting quickly to the two 2 minute truck.
From the decision of the AC/DC music mid-way through the trailer to the more violent ends of the film which some consider make it pro-NRA, everyone has been quick to voice an opinion

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