Fiat Chrysler Super Dish advertising feature ‘Jurassic Recreation area,’ Rev. Martin Luther Ruler Jr. BY SAEED NASIR


Jeff Goldblum and a T-Rex, vikings rocking their way toward Minnesota, the words of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a street less traveled and a Jeep anti-manifesto.

Fiat Chrysler Cars continued its custom of memorable advertisements during this year’s Super Bowl, with five spots designed to point out its three most recent offerings — the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler and 2019 Ram memory 1500 pickup and rejuvenated 2019 Jeep Cherokee.

As the Patriots and the Eagles were facing off in Minneapolis for Super Dish LII, visitors were shown a mix of humor, nostalgia, vehicle capacity and a call to provide.

The first commercial, a 60-second location called “Icelandic Vikings/We Will Rock You,” used a version of Queen’s stadium rock and roll anthem, “We Will Rock and roll You,” as the soundtrack for a group of Vikings making their way to the website of the big game.

Of course they used a Ram 1500 to tow their longship to drinking water, before changing their intellects as they recognized which clubs were participating in. That spot, through the first quarter, was created together with Goodby, Silverstein and Associates of San Francisco.

Two spots aired during the second quarter, a 30-second part for the Cherokee called “The Road,” and a 60-second commercial for Memory titled, “Built to Serve.”

Fiat Chrysler Super Bowl ads feature 'Jurassic Park.'

“The Road,” manufactured in partnership with FCB Chicago, shows the Cherokee taking its highway as it drives by having a stream.

“Built to Help,” made out of Chicago’s Highdive agency, uses images of people in a variety of types of service as Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech notes that “everybody can be great” because anyone can serve, from a conversation he gave 50 years back, matching to FCA. The advertisement sparked outcry on social media to be tone-deaf.


In the third one fourth, Jeff Goldblum reprised his role from “Jurassic Area” as Dr. Ian Malcolm to carefully turn the tables with an agitated Tyrannosaurus rex. This time around, however, Goldblum was behind the wheel of a new, apparently more capable Wrangler before finding yourself in a Jeep showroom.

Fiat Chrysler Super Bowl advertising feature ‘Jurassic Park.’

The 60-second area, made in partnership with DDB Chicago and some help from General Pictures, also effectively offered as an ad for the upcoming release this summer of “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.”

The final area, which shown for 30 a few moments in the fourth quarter, was designed to show what FCA says pieces the Wrangler apart from its competition. “Anti-Manifesto” (as opposed to the manifestos of other automakers) was a love letter to Wrangler off-roading followers, offering the SUV fording a lengthy stretch of profound water before it emerges to climb a bouldery waterfall. That commercial was manufactured in partnership with Arnold Worldwide.

FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne used the advertisements to reference the business’s production changes in recent years that, among other things, saw the end of development of small automobiles like the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 in favour or even more SUVs and trucks.


“The launches of the all new Jeep Wrangler and Ram 1500 and the new Jeep Cherokee symbolize the collective initiatives of the women and men at FCA who instinctively realize their responsibility to these authentic brands,” Marchionne said in a reports release. “These vehicles, and these advertisements, reflect our persisted commitment to each brand and help as a validation to your activities to realign our professional output in america to meet customer demand.”

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