Eminem’s daughter is continuing to grow up to be gorgeous

What’s Eminem’s little girl doing today? THE TRUE Slim Shady, rapper Eminem (also known as Marshall Mathers), made his entire family famous in his rhymes throughout the ’90s and ’00s–not always for the most flattering reasons. (Actually, hardly ever for flattering reasons.) But his princess Hailie Mathers, whose baby tone of voice you might bear in mind from melodies such as “Mockingbird,” “’97 Bonnie and Clyde,” and, naturally, “Hailie’s Music,” is all grown up.

Hailie, who is actually in the Guinness Booklet of World Data to be the youngest credited performer with an R&B track at age 6 years and 210 days and nights, has always experienced a presence swerving in and out of her dad’s albums, executing or being referenced on at least nine of his paths to date. You would think that type of connection with the music industry could warp a kid’s brain. When you consider the unusual child years she acquired with her famously volatile parents, it’s surprising how down-to-earth this rap god’s child turned out to be.

So what can we expect from Hailie going forward? Is she eyeing the rap game, or does she plan to forge another way? Here is a rundown of the reality you need to know.

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