The Disaster Artist: A amusing party of cult cinema BY SAEED NASIR

The Disaster Designer (M)
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Tim Burton effectively managed to punch the perfect balance between schadenfreude and loving homage in 1994’s Ed Real wood.

But while that Johnny Depp-starrer was in regards to a man already dead for greater than a decade-and-a-half and presented films most viewers had only read stories about, Adam Franco encounters some completely different challenges in taking this tale of artist and his tortured vanity task to life.

Not merely is the polarising Tommy Wiseau very much alive, but the once critically reviled The Room (“Like getting stabbed in the top,” was one pithy summation) is just about the modern description of a cult movie – playing to crowded cinemas around the world every month.

The Disaster Musician bursts into life when the storyplot extends to the making of The Room.
The Disaster Artist bursts into life when the storyplot gets to the making of THE AREA.

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Based on Room actor Greg Sistero and Tom Bissell’s 2015 book The Disaster Designer: My Life In the Room, THE BEST Bad Movie AVAILABLE, Franco’s movie actually charts the relationship between Sistero (brother Dave Franco) and Wiseau (Franco himself) off their first appointment in acting category in 1995 with their US$6m movie’s debut at the Laemmle Fairfax and Fallbrook theatres in LA on June 27, 2003.

A lot of your enjoyment of the first-half of Devastation Artist will depend on how much of Wayne Franco-channeling-Wiseau’s pan-Eastern Western european accent, malapropisms and earnest undertake life. It’s true there’s a great deal of humour to be mined out of the strange moneybags and his obsession with method celebrities like Marlon Brando and James Dean, but if you are hoping this will reveal his background or motivations you’re going to be sorely disappointed.


For me, The Disaster Musician basically burst into life when the story come to the making of The Room.

Ornamented by a cadre of comedians including Seth Rogen and Ari Graynor and much more serious celebrities like Zac Efron, Josh Hutcherson and Jacki Weaver, the brothers Franco do a great job of recreating its “high” tips and describing the truly chaotic production (an undeniable fact illustrated by eerily effective side-by-side shot evaluations with the original).

However, as actor Paul Scheer said in the Catastrophe Artist’s Toronto Film Happening premiere, “it’s the perfect prequel for those who’ve never seen THE AREA and the perfect sequel for individuals who have”.

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