‘Designated Survivor’ Solid: Why They’re Still Rooting For Michael J. Fox’s ‘Bad Guy’ — Watch

Michael J. Fox is going to the White House! The cast reduces his ‘antagonist’ identity and show why they just can’t seem to be to hate the type completely! Watch now!

It’s time to welcome Ethan Western world to Designated Survivor! The special prosecutor, who’ll be on the show for the rest of the season, will be enjoyed by none other than Hollywood icon Michael J. Fox. “Ethan West is a hotshot Washington lawyer or attorney. People are frightened of him, and that is really fun,” Michael says in a training video from the place.

He’s going to mix up some episode for Chief executive Kirkman, that’s for certain. “Michael’s character, right off the bat, is an antagonist to President Tom Kirkman,” Paulo Costanzo, who performs Lyor Boone, teases in the video. Italia Ricci, who plays Emily Rhodes, provides: “He seems like the bad guy, but you’e still rooting for the theif because he’s so good.”

Michael enjoys this aspect to his character. “You do not know which area he’s playing. It’s funny because he knows exactly what part he’s participating in,” he carries on. Zoe McLellan, who plays Kendra Daynes, sums up Ethan Western wonderfully: “You can’t help but love him even though he’s being a jerk. That’s I feel about his character.” That is going to be fun to view! Michael always steals every picture he’s in.

Ethan will start looking at Tom’s past, which could steer the administration in an all-new direction. Tom’s experienced a lot this season — he just lost his better half in a tragic motor vehicle accident — and Ethan isn’t heading to make life any easier for Tom. Relating to a synopsis for the Apr 25 show, Ethan will ask Chief executive Kirkman’s closest advisors and staff as he commences his analysis. Buckle up, people. Designated Survivor season 2 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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