Deepika Padukone is melting Ranveer Singh’s heart with her new photo

Deepika is melting Ranveer Singh's heart with her new photo

Deepika Padukone’s latest picture has her supporters flocking to her Instagram accounts and the largest among them is, of course, Ranveer Singh. View it here.
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Deepika Padukone distributed this picture on sociable media and boyfriend Ranveer Singh is ‘melting’.
Deepika Padukone and partner, alleged, Ranveer Singh may not speak about their romantic relationship in the public but they are sure to make news for their PDA on public mass media. Deepika was last observed in Padmaavat but that hasn’t ended her from joining with her admirers on social advertising. In fact, her pictures and videos continue to be huge visits online. Deepika distributed a stunningly very picture of herself and, needless to say, she looks beautiful in it.

In it, Deepika isn’t taking a look at the camera. In fact, dimpled beauty appears alternatively coy as she is glancing downwards and has a major smile on her behalf face. Her lovely tresses only help emphasize her features better. Writing the picture, Deepika composed: “A day well spent.” While lovers have liked her look, appears like her rumoured boyfriend Ranveer Singh is her biggest lover. Commenting on the picture, he simply had written: “Melting”.

In other concerns, speculations are rife that the powerful Bollywood couple is likely to tie the knot in distant Italy by the medial side of lake Como, home to many Hollywood celebrities. Reviews also claim that it’ll be strictly a family and close friends affair, very much so the select guest list has been asked never to bring camera phones. They are anticipated to marry sometime in November this year.

Deepika Padukone’s Cannes appearances in May this year had everyone requesting more.

In the meantime, Deepika has held us occupied with other things. She recently shared a throwback picture of Ranbir Kapoor from other shooting days in the Mediterranean nation of Corsica for the film Tamasha. It had been aimed by Imtiaz Ali. In it, Ranbir can be seen posing for Deepika, who herself appears dishy in a printed couple of pants, t shirt and ’60s style hairdo. For the record, the two are ex-lovers who have made ‘being exes’ look nice and warm as there is absolutely no bad blood between them. Deepika and Ranbir are happy in their particular relationships.

Reports advises Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone may get married in November this season.
Staying with Deepika, our lady also shared an excellent picture on the occasion of World Rollercoaster Day where she, along with her gang including sister Anisha, can be seen enjoying a rollercoaster trip. Quite obviously the girls are having a wild time. Even Ranveer can’t help laughing over it as his touch upon the picture advises.

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