how to deal with dark Circles by means of using Cucumber by means of SAEED NASIR

have you ever ever thought approximately making the use of cucumber for treating the darkish circles? If we outline darkish circles then it’s miles specifically known as being the dark discoloration of skin around eyes. dark circles can take region in ladies and men each at diverse degrees of existence. it may even take region in twenty years old character or even the individual at the age of 60.


principal causes of dark Circles:
1. Hereditary
2. Dryness of skin
three. excessive exposure to sun
four. destructive healthy dietweight-reduction plan
5. intellectual pressure
6. Crying too much
7. much less sleep
8. dietary Deficiency

Treating darkish Circles With Cucumber:

you can make the usage of cucumber for treating away the darkish circles in natural and outstanding way. it’s miles all enriched with the skin-lightening houses. It is a great nice astringent. you need to use cucumber by means of following the below cited steps:
1. you have to fresh cucumber and place it inside the refrigerator for about an hour.
2. Now reduce down the cucumber in small slices.
3. Now wash your face by way of the tepid water and dry it using a face towel.
four. Now you need to region the reduce down slices on the eyes and allow them to stay on the eyes for approximately 10-15 mins.
5. Now ultimately you need to rinse your face by using simple water.
6. After the wash you will going to experience out the soothe and cozy effect for the eyes and skin.

Treating the dark circles is not tough at all but you ought to take care of your health so you can in no way face thru the darkish circles at some point of your life. attempt cucumber and we are certain that during just few days you may get extraordinary effects.

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