Comprehensive City Season Premiere Recap: When Abbi Met Ilana By SAEED NASIR

“Sliding Entrances” will take us back again to those heady times of 2011. We had five more years of President Obama no idea how good we had it. LMFAO was having its moment. The New York City Snipper was chopping off of the ponytails of unsuspecting women all around the city. Okay, that last one was not actually a hallmark of the entire year 2011, but if he hadn’t existed in the world of Comprehensive City, the world of Comprehensive City wouldn’t can be found either. Once we learn, Abbi and Ilana met because Ilana sacrificed her unrestricted MetroCard swipe for Abbi, despite being truly a total a stranger, and then their camaraderie was solidified by either the best or most severe day ever before. But that was it?
On earth where they missed their teach (after the ever-frustrating F just straight-up ended running), Ilana offers to smoke Abbi up. In the mean time, in the world where they make the coach, Abbi gets off and Ilana ends up kicked in the face by the subway performer (and NYU Tisch college student). Departing the subway, Abbi gets blasted with bubbles by one particular street suppliers who only provides bubble blaster toys for reasons uknown.

In “missed the coach” world, Abbi and Ilana rounded a corner mutually and this same bubble salesman still soaks Abbi. This time around, though, Ilana will there be to tell him off: “All the best living the rest you will ever have.” Soon enough, Ilana and Abbi are smoking in the recreation area when Ilana learns she was terminated from Grey Dog, the restaurant where she functioned (and forgot to secure). As it happens Abbi was a normal, and they marvel at the actual fact they’d never seen each other before. The sprinklers in the area start and wreck Ilana’s blow out (I feel you young lady), uncovering her “True Jew,” and Ilana is thrilled to discover that Abbi is Jewish as well. It’s beshert. They opt to go get breakfast.

In “got the teach” world, Abbi waits for the toilet at Grey Dog when she actually is out of the blue accosted by the NYC Snipper, who pieces off her ponytail. She works after him, and then the Grey Dog administrator (enjoyed by the brilliant Jeff Hiller) detects Ilana sleeping in the toilet and fires her. Abbi gets there home with a truly terrible haircut and a Bed Bath & Beyond handbag and then meet Bevers — an upsettingly ripped Bevers — for the first time. On the glowing area, this version of Bevers is excellent helpful and doesn’t want to be an imposition.

Ilana also minds home to find her roommates, all of whom she has nicknamed Madison, having their regular “suite conference.” They may have created a slideshow illustrating “the Ilana Wexler problem.” It turns out they were the people shaming her into straightening her scalp, even if it’s hard to imagine any version of Ilana being shamed into anything.

Got the Teach World: Ilana shows up late to category, having taken too much time re-ironing her mane. She sits down next to a dude and starts off kissing him, and it’s really only after they’ve sufficiently tongued that people see her partner is … Jaime! Ilana is horrified to learn she has a presentation scheduled, but she can’t even remember which school this is. She tries to fake a demonstration, poorly, and the professor dismisses her. As she strolls out of category, a passing motorcycle rips her dress off. Meanwhile, Abbi sadly eats fro-yo alone. Solo fro-yo is one of the saddest things there may be.

In “missed the coach” world, Abbi and Ilana opt to stop into a psychic’s store leading, in which a psychic named Oda (Constance Shulman from Orange May be the New Dark) has a prophecy. She tells them they’re new friends, and they’re going to expire that day. The match opt to live like it’s their very previous day on the planet. They opt to get tattoos; Abbi’s is a lesser rear tattoo of Oprah. They pick up pizza, and then Abbi phone calls Melody to tell her that Bevers can’t stay with them anymore. It was around this point, I had been sure that “our” Abbi and Ilana aren’t the ones from this timeline. Affirmed, immediately after agreeing to hang out again, Abbi and Ilana are immediately strike by the bus. R.I.P. Other Abbi and also other Ilana.

In the main one true Broad City timeline where they caught the teach, we see Ilana, wearing a vacationer souvenir shop T-shirt, smoking a dish alone over a bench. Abbi strolls by and identifies her as the lady who swiped her into the subway. They both had the world’s most detrimental day. Ilana offers Abbi popular, and Abbi offers Ilana some pizza. They notice damp cement close by and decide to write their titles in it. Having officially found, they opt to go for a walk together.
Other Thoughts

– Gray Dog, the caf? where Ilana functioned, is awesome. Abbi’s wrong, though: The best one isn’t on Carmine, it’s on 16th.

– This entire occurrence made me really homesick for New York.

– This episode is probably an homage to the Gwyneth Paltrow movie Sliding Entrances, but I’m expecting it’s really a secret homage to the Frasier occurrence “Sliding Frasiers”.

– Bevers’ head on a ripped person is the scariest thing I’ve seen this week and I observed It and American Horror Story last night

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