Christian Bale is changing before our eye; see pics of his insane transformation BY SAEED NASIR

Christian Bale reaches it again, doing what he does best: Going right through an crazy physical change. The Oscar-winner has crammed on the pounds to learn previous US VP Dick Cheney for a fresh biopic.
Christian Bale is known to dive deep into his characters, both literally and psychologically. How he takes on former North american Vice President, Dick Cheney, in the upcoming biopic remains to be observed, but we realize the Oscar-winning star is leaving no stone unturned as far as his appearance will go.

New photographs of Bale show the actor looking almost unrecognisable. He has packed on the pounds, and dyed his eyebrows to complement Cheney’s. The film is still a month away from filming, so he’ll probably do something with his wild hair too in the meantime.
Cheney offered under George W Bush, and is known as by many as the mastermind behind the war in Afghanistan and Iraq that were began during Bush’s tenure.

And this isn’t the very first time Bale has undergone a severe physical transformation for a job either. He lost over 30 kgs for the Machinist, and gained 15 kgs in muscle to experience Batman soon after that. He then lost weight again for director David O Russell’s The Fighter, and put some on for his role in Russell’s follow-up, North american Hustle.

Backseat – that’s the particular Cheney film is called – is directed by Oscar-winner Adam McKay. The film also stars Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Expenses Pullman and Sam Rockwell, as Bush.

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