Chrissy Teigen tweet-storms about making it through her epic 8-hour flight to nowhere BY SAEED NASIR


Chrissy Teigen needed an eight hour airline flight to nowhere on Wednesday and wrote about any of it.

All Nippon Airways. Be warned. You are going to be getting a notice from a disgruntled traveler — model Chrissy Teigen.

Teigen, 32, who’s expecting baby number 2 with John Story, was not thrilled about traveling the airlines with her hubby Tuesday. The ANA airline flight was destined for Tokyo but travelled a total of nowhere after eight hours and 20 minutes.

Teigen and 150 travellers traveled for fours time over the Pacific Ocean before the airplane made an abrupt U-turn and delivered to Los Angeles.

It’s clear Teigen purchased the Wi-fi onboard and made use of Twitter. Often.

“A traveling first for me personally: 4 time into an 11 hour airfare and we are turning around because we have a traveler who isn’t said to be on this plane,” Teigen published. “Why…why do most of us gotta go back, I do not know.

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