Chris and Anna ‘never best friends’ BY SAEED NASIR

‘Competitive’ Anna Faris was jealous of Chris Pratt’s successful Hollywood career

Video recording Is this what split up the famous couple?
While they seemed liked the picture perfect couple, Anna Faris has confessed she never thought former mate Chris Pratt was her “closest friend”.

With her approaching memoir Unqualified placed to hit stands next month, the 40-year-old actress has discussed why she never thought her hubby of eight years was her BFF, while highlighting the importance of close female relationships.
Anna has admitted she never thought Chris was her “closest friend”. Source: Getty
“I was once told which i didn’t desire a tight group of girlfriends because Chris should be my best good friend. But I never bought that,” Anna writes in the booklet, with Cosmopolitan posting a snippet.

“The thought of your mate being your very best good friend – it’s overhyped. I really believe that your lover serves one purpose and each good friend will serve another.”

The Scary Celeb adds she understands that she can rely on her behalf close feminine friends to cheer her up and be there for her when she really needs them.

“It requires vulnerability of nature to open up yourself up to other ladies in a way that’s not competitive, and that’s especially hard in Hollywood, where competition is built into nearly every interaction,” Anna added.


Anna creates about the importance of female human relationships in her forthcoming memoir. Source: Getty
Nevertheless the mother-of-one admits it required time for her to realise how important female friends can be, revealing in her youthful years she thought it was “cool” to state she was “guys’ girl”, but notes that by placing more importance on her behalf male romance she realised: “I was selling my own gender down the river, and I wasn’t even getting any fulfillment from the relationships with those dudes.”

Anna continues, saying she thinks it’s “messed up” people should have a “best friends” regardless of their gender.
“It puts a great deal pressure on anybody person, when I truly believe it’s okay to obtain intimacy with differing people in different ways. And standing friends and family? It just shouldn’t happen, at least not beyond class institution,” she provides in the essay.

Anna’s memoir is set to be released next month on Oct 24 with Chris writing the foreword for his former wife’s book.

The Guardians of the Galaxy celebrity and Anna released they might be “legally separating” last month, but would continue steadily to co-parent their six-year-old child Jack.

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